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Daniel Wesley Hoy

Born - March 14, 1977

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Occupation - Opera Singer With The

 New York City Metropolitan Opera 



Daniel Hoy at his Grandma Hoy's Piano

Photo Courtesy of Bill Hoy




Stroudsburg High Grad Will Sing

At Carnegie Hall


At times, it can be an iffy life.


A professional baritone, Daniel Hoy often wonders if he'll be hired for

this or that performance, be rehired as an extra chorus member for

the Metropolitan Opera, find work next year, etc.


This 1996 graduate of Stroudsburg High School and winner of the

Fred Waring Choral Award is fine with all that. It has been his persistence

and willingness to go wherever the performance takes him that has landed

him one of his biggest gigs to date: Carnegie Hall.

He will make his solo debut there on June 18.


"It's very gratifying, and I'm very thankful," Hoy said.

"In a way, it verifies the choices I've made career wise."


He will be a soloist in Mozart's "Requiem" and perform in John Rutter's

 "Mass of the Children."


He auditioned through MidAmerica Productions after being recommended

by Raymond Hughes, the outgoing chorus master at the Met.


 At first, he was a member of The San Diego Opera Ensemble and unable

 to make the audition. They called a year later, and he sang for them

 in November. It took two months for a response.


"It's just the business. You audition. That's it." he said.


When Hoy received the call, he was pleased, for he had been

 singing for work of John Rutter for years.

"It's modern, yet it has a timeless feel about it. It's very melodic.

A lot of modern music is not easy to listen to, but his is." Hoy said.


To be singing Rutter's work and be conducted by him is

something special to Hoy.

"To be conducted by the person who wrote the music doesn't happen a lot,

and that is the exciting thing about doing this piece." he said.


He is rehearsing and preparing now for the concert.


"I'm not scared," Hoy said. "I want to do my absolute best. I don't want to

get sick. I want to do everything I can to be in my best form."


And as a performer, he is hitting his musical stride.


He has performed in "Lohengrin" and "Parsifal" in 2006

 and in "Don Carlo," "The First Emperor" premiere with Placido Domingo,

"Simon Boccanegra" and "Die Meistersinger" in 2007

with the Metropolitan Opera.

He also was in The San Diego Opera Ensemble's "Wozzec,"

directed by Des McAnuff.


"It's been an exciting year,

and I'm gearing up for the Carneie Hall thing." he said.


He aslo realized just how similar things are everywhere.

Performers from Pocono Lively Arts to the Metropolitan Opera

 are not as different as you think, he said.

 It might be faster and bigger on an international state, but

it is still about the performance and preparing for it.


Is it all worth it?


Other friends have houses and families, but Hoy has put that on hold.

He went to college and graduate school, and then

participated in four years of Young Artist Programs.


"It's about being on stage and performing," he said. "

A lot of its never burning bridges and being a great colleague.

It's such a cliché, but it is who you know," he said.


And this life has it perks.


"In a way, this lifestyle is freeing, not a desk job.

It's like being Mary Poppins

and being free to go with the wind," he said.


Yet, the craving of a permanent home still nags on occasion.

Hoy is grateful for landing the Metropolitan Opera job,

which allowed him to move to New York.


Therefore, he is willing to put up with all the auditions

and building a reputation as a qualified and dedicated singer.


"You really have to want it. I've honestly questioned it myself.

I gave myself to 30 to get the ball rolling, and it is working.

You need to set goals to work toward something," said Hoy,

who admitted that it has been more difficult than he had

imagined, but entirely worth it.


The waiting for the next call confirming a performance can be a nail-biter.

"Feeding myself with my voice has always been my goal," said Hoy,

who is also open to teaching, too.


"It really makes you trust that God will provide something.

So far, I've been blessed and have no complaints.

I wouldn't change anything," Hoy said.
"It makes you appreciate everything you have. It's not a given."


Written by: Helen Yanulus

Pocono Record

June 15, 2007



Brother - William Clair Hoy 2nd

Born - April 30,  1974

 Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Wife - Caroline Marie (DiPipi) Hoy



 Father - William Clare Hoy

Mother - Pamela Ann (Hoot) Hoy



 Grandfather - Harry Schrader Hoy

Grandmother - Evelyn Grace (Litwhiler) Hoy



Great - Grandfather - Jay Daniel Hoy

Great - Grandmother - Stella Telisa (Schrader) Hoy



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