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Francisca Rebecca Albright

" Francie Albright"

Born - April 7, 1850

Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania

Baptized - December 26, 1850

St. John's United Church of Christ,

Schuylkill County Pennsylvania

 Died - April 25, 1898

Buried - St. John's United Church of Christ Cemetery,

Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania



Franny Albtight


Photograph's  Courtesy of Calvin N. Hoy



Note Received from Calvin N. Hoy...

Regarding a "Small Local Hoy Family Mystery"


"When I was young, I was told by my Great Aunt Ina that

her "Auntie Franny" was a deaf-mute. I was too young to

care that much about that statement and it never made sense to me,

as she didn't have a sister by the name of "Franny".

"Looking at the the photo's,

(From Two Old Hoy Family Photograph Albums Obtained during a Hoy Family Reunion in August 2007)

I made a possible resolution to her statement. The first Photograph shows

"Francie Albright (sister to Harry Henry Hoy's Wife, Elizabeth (Albright) Hoy.

On the back of her photograph, it states that it was taken at a Philadelphia Photo-Studio

 The 2nd photograph is of a Deaf-Mute Instructor in Philadelphia, Laurent Clerc"



Laurent Clerc - Deaf Mute Instructor



Sister - Sarah Albright

Born - 1827  ۩ Died - 1836


Sister - Isabella (Albright) Kimmel

Born - 1829 - Pennsylvania

Husband - John Kimmel


Sister - Catherine (Albright) Seltzer

Born - September 1833

Husband - Nathan Faust Seltzer


Sister - Elizabeth (Albright) Hoy

Born - March 1,1835 - Pennsylvania

Husband - Henry H. Hoy


Brother - James E. Albright

Born - December 13,1835

 Died - September 6,1863

Wife - Caroline (Heisler) Albright


Brother - Charles Albright

Born - 1839/1840

 Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Wife - Rebecca (Fegley) Albright



Father - Peter A. Albright

Mother - Magdalena (Fosselman) Albright



Paternal Grandfather - Peter R, Albright

Paternal Grandmother - Maria Christina (Medlar) Albright



Maternal Grandfather - George Fosselman

Maternal Grandmother - Barbara (Ritter) Fosselman



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