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Marcus William Hoy

Born - October 2, 1875

Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - Monday, January 11, 1904

Thorn Township, Perry County, Ohio





Station Agent Struck With a Heavy

Piece of Iron and Then Robbed

Marcus W. Hoy, station agent for the Zanesville

and Western Railway company at Thornport,

a few miles south of Granville, was murdered and

robbed Sunday night. Mr. Hoy lived at Thornville,

and was in the habit of driving from the village and

putting his horse in a stable at Thornport during the

day. He had finished his work Sunday, and went to

the barn for his horse and buggy. While at the stable

he was struck an awful blow on the head with a

piece of iron. The murderer then robbed the agent of

$20, but overlooked a purse and a fine gold watch.

He staggered into the depot with a fractured skull

and in such a dazed condition that he could not

talk. He died Monday morning at seven o'clock.

The murderer is still at large.


The Granville Times

Granville, Ohio

Thursday Afternoon

January 14, 1904

Front Page



Reward For Conviction


Commissioners and Citizens

Anxious to Solve Murder Mystery


Newark, OH., January 17: Mystery still surrounds

the murder of station agent, Marcus W. Hoy of

Thornville, Perry County, but Sheriff King of New

Lexington and Detective Shenyon are again on the

ground and there is every indication that they will make

an arrest. The belief is growing that the two men who

have already been arrested on suspicion will go free

as there is no evidence against them and the feeling

is general that somebody living in the vicinity of

Thornville was responsible for Hoy's death.

The commissioners of Perry county have offered a

reward of $600 for the conviction of the murderer

and the citizens of Thornville are raising a sum

which will be equal if not greater than that offered

by the authorities.


Cleveland Plain Dealer


January 18, 1904






Arrest of Prominent Citizen For

Murder Likely to Cause a Feud


Trial of Basore Promises to be

Notable Case in Criminal Annals


NEWARK, OH, October 9: Thornville, Perry County,

lying at the summit of one numerous hills which are

characteristic of that section of Ohio, is literally

torn asunder and divided into factions that may at

some time become variable feudists over the arrest

and prosecution of Charles Basore, aged forty,

for the murder of railway station agent

 Marcus W. Hoy on January 10, 1904. Yesterday

Basore was bound over to the grand jury and

taken to the New Lexington jail.

The feeling that exists between those who believe

in Basore's innocence and those who are confident

of his guilt is not the king which gives itself vent

in argument, but is that quiet, suppressed, yet

intense conviction on each side, which may at any

time break forth in bloodshed.  An instance which

shows that the conservative people of the village

realize this state of affairs was the fact that the

drugstore in the village absolutely refused to honor

prescriptions of physicians for liquor on the day

of the preliminary hearing, fearing that indulgence

by the citizens might result in a riot.

Three men, Shrider, Lloyd and Basore were arrested

for the murder of Hoy, but at the request of the attorney for the state, the first two were discharged

and Basore was held without bail. The evidence

against him is said to be wholly circumstantial,

 but as the prisoner waived examination, the

hand of the prosecution was not disclosed at the

hearing. Prosecuting attorney, J. E. Powell will now

carry the case to the Perry county grand jury.

Attorneys Smythe & Smythe, counsel for Basore,

have today served notices on the prosecuting attorney,

clerk of the courts and probate judge of Perry county

that the prisoner, who is now confined in jail

without bond, demanded a hearing before the probate

judge on next Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 9  o'clock at

New Lexington. This procedure is under section

7155 revised statutes which provides for such action.


Cleveland Plain Dealer


October 10, 1904





Failure of Prosecution to Appear

Gained Liberty for Man

Charged With Murder


NEW LEXINGTON, OH., October 17: Charles

Basore, the alleged murderer of Marcus W. Hoy,

the Zanesville and Western Railroad agent, who was

killed at Thornville last January, was given a hearing

before Probate Judge James V. Hynas today and

was released from custody.

Two weeks ago, Basore of two other men were

arrested by Dect. Clyde C. Friend of the Pennsylvania

Railroad Company, and charged with the murder of

Hoy. They were given a hearing in a justice court

October 7. The other men were released, but

Basore waived an examination and was bound over

to the grand jury.  Basore's attorney's argued

for a preliminary hearing before the probate court,

and it was granted.

The time set for the hearing was 10 o'clock

this morning, but the state waited to appear, and

upon motion of the council for the defendant,

the case was dismissed and the prisoner discharged.

Basore and his attorney's, T. D. Price and

W. A. Hite, and almost 20 witnesses appeared in

court in due time, ready for the contest.

Dect. Friend, who is cousin to Basore's wife,

was present, but had nothing to say.



 Cleveland Plain Dealer

Tuesday Morning

October 18, 1904





1st Wife - Leaffie Jane (Smith) Hoy

Born - January 22, 1869

Married - October 11, 1896

 Died - February 19, 1899

Perry County, Ohio

Buried - Saint Paul's Church Cemetery

Glenford, Perry County, Ohio

Parents - David & Salome (Zartman) Smith




Leaffie Jane & Evelyn Hoy's Tombstone

Photo Courtesy of Sue Wolf



Daughter - Zula Hoy

Born - June 5, 1898 - Ohio


Daughter - Evelyn Hoy

Born - February 8, 1899

Perry County, Ohio

Died - February 14, 1899

Perry County, Ohio

Buried - Saint Paul's Church Cemetery

Glenford, Perry County, Ohio



2nd Wife - Anna Rozella (Smith) Hoy

Born - December 12,1875 - Ohio

Married - February 22, 1900

Parents - David & Salome (Zartman) Smith



Sister - Hattie Jane (Hoy) Fenstermaker

Born - November 28, 1867

Violet Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Husband - William Erastus Fenstermaker


Son - Franklin P. "Frank" Hoy

Born - October 1869 - Died - 1943

Wife - Kate L. Hoy

Born - 1871 - Died - 1954


Sister - Ida Belle (Hoy) Schultz

Born - June 28, 1881

Pickerington, Fairfield County, Ohio

Husband - Frank Tobias Schultz (Divorced)



Father - William L, Hoy

Mother  - Eleanor Hannah (Taylor) Hoy



Grandfather - Adam Hoy

Grandmother - Keiza/Keziah/Kaziah  Hoy

Step -Grandmother - Minerva Hoy



Great Grandfather - John Adam Hoy

"Adam Hoy"

Great Grandmother - Barbara Hoy



Great Great Grandfather - Johann Philip Hoy

(Phillip Hoy )

Great Great  Grandmother - Barbara Hoy



Great Great  Great  Grandfather - Johann Carl (Heu) Hoy

Great Great   Great Grandmother - Maria Eva (Schaurer) Hoy


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