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Peter Hoy

Born - December 25, 1836

Crawford County, Ohio
Died - September 2, 1911

Canal Winchester, Franklin County, Ohio

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery, Fairfield County,

 Bloom Township, Ohio



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1st Wife - Margaret Alice "Allie" (Carter) Hoy

Born - 1838 

Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Married - June 23, 1859

Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - 1869

Fairfield, Belmont County, Ohio

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery, Fairfield County,

 Bloom Township, Ohio

Margaret's Parents - William & Sarah Ann(John) Carter

To This Union 2 Children Were Born



Son - William Isaac Hoy

Born - September 17, 1860

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

1st Wife - Sarah E. (Hall) Hoy

2nd Wife - Laura Elizabeth  (Barnhart) Hoy


William I. Hoy, a large buyer and shipper of stock and a general farmer in Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio, where he owns 130 acres of well improved land, situated

three miles south of Lithopolis, was born in this township in 1860,

and is a son of Peter and Margaret (Carter) Hoy.


The Hoy family came to Fairfield County from Pennsylvania several generations ago,

as early as the great-grandfather's time, and Peter Hoy and his son,

William Hoy, were both born in the house the pioneer grandfather built.


Peter Hoy was a farmer all his life and died at Canal Winchester,

when in his seventy-fifth year. He was married three times; first to Margaret Carter,

and they had  two children; William and Sarah, the latter of whom is deceased.

His second marriage was to Annice Courtright and they were the parents of two children;

Mary, who is deceased, and Margaret, who married Ross Hedges.

Peter Hoy's third marriage was to Clara Hanway.


William Hoy attended the public schools in his youth and engaged in farming

on the old  homestead for some years and then after a trial of several other farms

 in 1894 moved to his present place, where he has 130 acres

and his two daughters have eighty-seven acres. Mr. Hoy has been

careful in his improvements and has erected substantial and attractive buildings.

 In addition to his general farming he is associated

with J. M. Glick in the livestock business and they are among the

largest buyers and shippers in this section.


Mr. Hoy was married first to Miss Sarah Hall, who died some twenty-five years since,

 a daughter of Peter Hall. She was survived by two daughters;

Mary, who is the wife of Noah Beery, of Columbus,

and has one child, Ireta;

and Estella, who is the wife of Walter Bopp, and has one daughter, Marie.


Mr. Hoy was married a second time, to Miss Laura Barnhart, of Fairfield County,

a daughter of George Barnhart, a well known farmer.

Politically, Mr. Hoy is a Democrat, while fraternally he is

a Mason and a Knight of Pythias.


Source: The History of Fairfield County, and representative Citizens (1912)


Daughter - Sarah M. Hoy

Born -1862  - Ohio

Died - December 1879 - Ohio

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery, Fairfield County,

 Bloom Township, Ohio


Peter's 2nd Wife - Annice E. (Courtright) Hoy

Born - January 1, 1850 - Ohio

Married - November 7,  1871

 Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - January 1, 1897 - Ohio

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery, Fairfield County,

 Bloom Township, Ohio

Parents - John Jacob and Mary (Sarber) Courtright

To This Union 2 Children Were Born

Daughter - Mary A. Hoy

Born - September 1874

Died - 1883

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery, Fairfield County,

 Bloom Township, Ohio


Daughter - Margarite  (Hoy) Hedges

Born - September 1886 - Ohio

Husband - Ross Hedges

Born - April 1, 1882

Ashville, Pickaway County, Ohio



Peter's 3rd Wife - Clara (Clouser) Hanway Hoy

Born - February 11, 1847

Berks County, Pennsylvania

3rd Marriage Date - About 1899

Died - March 9, 1933

Columbus, Ohio

 Residence on June 13,  1900 -  Bloom Fairfield County, Ohio.

This Census Lists Peter & Clara Hoy,

Living with their daughter, Margarite Hoy (14 - Born September 1886)

and Peter's Stepson - Robert J. Handua (23 - Born - August 1877)

and adds that they have only been married for 1 year, but that Clara has

had 3 Children all of whom are still living.

Step - Son - Robert J. Hanway

Born - August 1877

Brother - Abraham Hoy

Born - December 31, 1838  - Ohio

Wife - Miranda H. (Custer) Hoy


Brother - Isaac Hoy Jr.

Born - October 24, 1840 - Ohio

Wife - Ellen N. (Glick) Hoy


Brother - Jacob Hoy

Born - July 1842

Wife - Samantha Jane (Morehart) Hoy


Brother - Daniel Hoy

Born - February 8, 1845

Died - June 5, 1847

Buried - Glick - Hoy Cemetery,

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio


Brother - William Hoy

Born - January 12, 1847

Died - August 20, 1847

Buried - Glick - Hoy Cemetery,

 Fairfield County, Bloom Township, Ohio


Sister - Sarah Jane (Hoy) Hartman

Born - August 1848 -Ohio

Husband - William Hartman


Brother - John Hoy

Born - July 4, 1851  - Ohio

Wife - Anna Mary (Smith) Hoy


Sister - Lydia Ann Hoy

Born - January 2, 1854 -Ohio

Died - December 11, 1947

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery, Fairfield County,

Bloom Township, Ohio

Husband - Samuel Caleb Smith

Born - March 2, 1851

Died - June 13, 1932

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery, Fairfield County,

Bloom Township, Ohio

Note - In the 1870 Census, she is listed as 16 years old,

 and her name is listed as LIDDA.


Sister - Mary Ann Hoy

Born - April 26, 1858

Died - May 26, 1859

Buried - Glick - Hoy Cemetery,

 Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio


Sister - Elnora (Hoy) Cormany

Born - November 9,1860 -Ohio

Died - March 9, 1937

Franklin, Ohio

Husband - George Cormany

Residence on April 25, 1910, Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

This Census Lists Elnora Living with Israel & Samantha (Hoy) Hartman.

Elnora Cormany is listed as a Sister - in - Law , 48  Years Old and Widowed.

This Census Also has Elmer Hoy (15) Great - Nephew Living at the

Hartman Residence.  Isaac & Ellen Hoy Jr., are living next door.


Sister - Samantha (Hoy) Hartman

Born - December 1863 - Ohio

Husband - Israel Hartman

Father  - Isaac Hoy Sr.

Mother - Mary or Polly (Harman) Hoy


Grandfather - Daniel J. Hoy

Grandmother - Mary Magdalena (Eyer) Hoy

(Molly Hoy)


Great - Grandfather - Johann Phillip (Heu) Hoy

(Phillip Hoy )

Great - Grandmother - Barbara Hoy


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