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Ora Ella (Hoy) Helms

Born - June 24, 1866

Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio

Married - July 26, 1888

Died - May 12, 1894

Buffalo, Erie County, New York

Buried - Houcktown Cemetery,

Hancock County, Ohio




Ora Ella (Hoy) Helms

Photograph  Courtesy of Steve Sandy  - William Ellsworth Hoy Family Historian



Husband - Rev. Elmer Ellsworth Helms

Born - November 8, 1863

Ada, Hardin County, Ohio

Graduated from Ohio Northern University and

Ohio Wesleyan University - AB., AM.,  Ph.d- 1896 - D.D. 1902

Member - Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Occupation - Methodist Minister of Churches in Buffalo, New York

Author of "The Historicity of the Story of Jonah"

"That Young Man With Hints To That Young Woman"

Died - March 1, 1955

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Parents - Daniel and Elizabeth (Miller) Helms





On the June 16, 1880, Washington, Hardin County, Ohio Census, it lists the following:

Daniel F. Helms (45 Farmer) living with his wife, Elizabeth (48), and their children:

David F., (21-Preacher), Willis M., (18-Labor), Elmer E., (16-Works on Farm),

Oren G., (13-Works on Farm), Dora M., (8 and adopted),

And Elizabeth Miller (82-Mother-in-law).


On the June 7, 1900, Buffalo, Erie County, New York Census,  lists the following;

Elmer E. Hoy (36) living with his 2nd Wife, Lois S. (28) and son, Paul H. Helms (10)


On the April 21, 1910, Buffalo, Erie County, New York Census,  lists the following;

Elmer E. Helms (46), living with 2nd wife, Lois S., (38), and son, Paul H. Helms (20).



Elmer's 2nd Wife - Lois (Stanbro) Helms

Born - March 15,1872

Springville, Erie County, New York

Married - October 2, 1899

Died - November 26, 1951

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Parents - George G. and Matilda A. Stanbro

No Children Were Born To This Union



Son - Paul Hoy Helms

Born - September 19, 1889

Ottawa, Kansas

Died - January 5, 1957

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Buried - Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Glendale, Los Angeles County, California

Plot - The Great Mausoleum, Holly Terrace,

The Sanctuary of Celestial Peace

Mausoleum Crypt # 13304



The story of the US Fencing Hall of Fame began when the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games Committee decided to build the first Olympic Village in Olympic history. The city held a contest to see which bakery could bake breads in every country's national style. The Helms Bakery, owned by Paul Hoy Helms, was the winner. Helms, the adopted son of a celebrated deaf-mute baseball player from the 1890s, was so moved by his involvement with the Olympics that he renamed his bakery Helms Olympic Bakery and in 1936 inaugurated the Helms Sports Hall of Fame.


Died. Paul Hoy Helms, 67, millionaire Los Angeles baker, would-be athlete (he tried out for all the varsity teams at Syracuse University, finally made the crew as substitute coxswain) and impassioned sports buff, who founded the Helms Athletic Foundation in 1936, built a $350,000 museum in 1948 to enshrine relics of sports heroes (e.g., the shoes worn by Dakota Wesleyan's, Mark Payne in 1915 when he booted his record 63-yd. dropkick); of cancer; in Palm Springs, Calif. Sports Fan Helms acquired his awe of athletes watching his uncle, old-time major-league Outfielder William E. ("Dummy'') Hoy, make circus catches, spent much of his time handing out medals to successful musclemen, encouragement to unknowns (the young Baseballer's Jackie Robinson and Ralph Kiner, Trackman Mel Patton), helped oversubscribe Southern California's Olympic contributions in 1952 and 1956.

Published in Time Magazine - Monday -  January 15, 1957


Brother - Lyman Franklin Hoy

Born - September 27, 1853

Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio

Wife - Ella (Treece) Hoy


Brother - John Freeman Hoy

Born - December 11, 1855

Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio

First Wife - Malissie E. (Hays) Hoy

2nd Wife - Eliza Samaria (Miller) Hoy


Brother - Smith Hoffman Hoy

Born - August 1858 /1859

Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio

Wife - Saloma Ellen (Ella) Hoy - 1863


Brother - Infant Son

Born - May 14, 1861

Died - May 25, 1861

Buried - Pioneer Repose Cemetery,

Houcktown, Ohio


Brother - William Ellsworth Hoy

Born - May 23,1862

Houckstown, Hancock County, Ohio

Wife -Anna Maria (Lowery) Hoy

Born - November 26, 1850



Father - Jacob Hoy

Mother - Rebecca (Hoffman) Hoy



Grandfather - Phillip Penn Hoy

Grandmother - Elizabeth (Eyer) Hoy

Lizzie Hoy




Great - Grandfather Johann Phillip (Heu) Hoy

Great - Grandmother - Barbara Hoy



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