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 Susan "Susie" Lark Light Owings

Born - December 19, 1851 , Pennsylvania

Married - February 13, 1873

Died - July 28, 1929
Salina, Saline County, Kansas

Buried - Gypsum Hill Cemetery, 

Salina, Saline County, Kansas 

Find A Grave Memorial # 76854496







The death of Mrs. Susan Owings. 79, who made her home with her son, Walter L. Owings, 120 Baker Street, occurred there Sunday at 12: 10 from a paralytic stroke. 

Mrs. Owings who was the widow of the late George W. Owings, had lived in Salina 17 years. Her husband died in December of last year. 

Surviving are her son, Walter L. (Lucy) Owings,

 her brothers, William Light, Swingley Light and John Light, of Bucyrus, Ohio, and her sisters, Mrs. Cynthia Sprow, Mrs. Mary Kelley, of Bucyrus, and Mrs. Ida Sprow of Gallion, Ohio. 

There are three grandchildren. 

The body has been taken to the Rush Smith Funeral Home where it will remain until Tuesday morning when it will be taken to the Owings home. The Funeral service will be held at 10:30 Tuesday morning from the Presbyterian Church, of which Mrs. Owings was a member, with the Reverend R. V. Kearns and Mrs. Verna B. Winchel officiating.

Interment will be at Gypsum Hill Cemetery.

Salina Journal
Salina, Kansas
Monday, July 29, 1929





"Who Are The True Parents of 

 Susan Lark-Light Owings?"

Per the 1860 Liberty, Crawford, Ohio Census:  

William Light - 31 Yrs, Born 1829 in PA

Sarah Light - 31 Yrs, Born 1829 in PA

Susan Light - 10 Years, Born 1850 in PA

Swingley Light - 8 Months, Born 1859 in Ohio


They are residing with Anna Dearmoyer, 

55 Yrs, Born About 1805 in Baden Germany 

and the Hecker Family. 


NOTE: There Is Reason To Believe That The Actual Family 

Name Maybe "Heckert". 


Joseph Hecker, 22 Yrs, Born 1838 in Ohio

Margaret Hecker, 22 Yrs, Born 1838 in Ohio

Rosa B. Hecker, 1 Yr, Born 1859 Ohio

Lincoln Hecker, 3 Mos,  Born 1860 in Ohio


NOTE: This Census Does Not List Relationship to 

Head of Household.



Per the 1860 Mifflin, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Census:


John Lark, 34, Born 1826 in Pennsylvania

Leah Lark, 31, Born 1829 in Pennsylvania

Emanuel Lark, Born, 7, Born 1853 in Pennsylvania


Note: The family name on this census was

transcribed in error on Ancesty.com as "Dark".



Per The 1880 Smokey Hill, Saline County, 

Kansas Census:


George W. Owings, 30 Yrs, Born 1850 in Ohio, 

Occupation: Farmer

Susan Owings, 30, Born 1850 in PA, Wife

Walter Owings, 6, Born 1874 in Ohio, Son

John Lark, 50, Born in PA, Father-in-Law

Occupation: Stone Mason, Widower

The Known Facts...


Born: February 7, 1826


Died: March 8, 1898

Salina, Salina County, Kansas

Buried: Gypsum Hill Cemetery

Salina, Saline County, Kansas



Obituary - John Lark Dead

"An Old Resident Passes Away 

At The Age of 72 Years"


John Lark died Tuesday evening at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Owings, four miles northwest of Salina. 


He was aged 72 years and had lived in this county for over twenty years. He leaves 2 children, a son in Pennsylvania and Mrs. Owings. 


The deceased was well and favorably known, and the funeral, which was held Wednesday, was well attended. 




March 11, 1898



Wife: Leah (Shoop) Lark

Born: February 14, 1829


Died: December 2, 1881

Buried: Saint John's Lutheran Church Cemetery

Berrysburg, Dauphin County, PA.



John Lark's Parents Are:

 George & Elizabeth (Enterline) Lark.


George Lark

Born - May 1, 1798

Dauphin County, PA

Died - March 11, 1829


It Is Uncertain At This Time Exactly 

Where George Lark is Buried, However...


 Elizabeth Enterline Lark

Born - May 15, 1799

Dauphin County, PA

Died - July 27, 1877

Dauphin County, PA

She Is Also Buried in 

Saint John's Lutheran Church 

Cemetery,  Berrysburg, Dauphin County, PA.


John Lark and Leah Shoop married on 

September 27, 1849.

The Only Known and Verified Children of 

John & Leah Lark,  are their 2 sons, 

George W. and Emanuel S. Lark


Son - George W. Lark

Born: September 20, 1851


Died: August 11, 1852

Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Buried:  Saint John's Lutheran Church Cemetery

Berrysburg, Dauphin County, PA.


Son - Emanuel S. Lark

Born: February 8, 1853


Died: September 13, 1938


Buried: Shamokin Cemetery

Shamokin, Northumberland County. PA


After George's Death, Elizabeth remarried

Capt. Snyder.



The Following is an Exert Found On-Line

 - Source  -  

"Floyd's Northumberland County Genealogy"


"John Lark, son of George, was born on the old homestead in Mifflin Township, Feb. 7, 1826. He learned the stonemason's trade as a young man, but never followed it.  He devoted his time to farming, and died in Salina, Saline County, Kansas, aged seventy-two years and is buried there. He married Leah Shoop, daughter of Jacob Shoop, and they had two children, George, who died in infancy, and Emanuel S. Lark."



Below Are Note's From 

Bonnie (Alheim) Koons, 

who brought this 

Hoy-Light Family Mystery To My Attention 

on September 20, 2011:


" It's funny she (Susan) doesn't appear in any of the records as being a sister?? I talked with some of Swingley's family and no one knew of her??


Susan's daughter, Lila, married her cousin, Russell Light, son of William Jacob Light.


Russell and Lila had a daughter Phyllis, who is still living and was here at my home a couple of years ago for the "Light Family Reunion"... she knew NOTHING about them being cousin's, (Russell & Lila)  until I talked with her.


Isn't it odd that none of Susan's brothers and sisters claim her as a sister, but she does??


Her parents gave Phyllis and her now deceased brother a different story years ago, and never told them of  their family connections to their "extended" Light Family... 


And Now The Story...


Russell and Lila told their children that Russell and a friend wanted to go West, and got on a train and rode to Kansas and got off in the Salina area...Russell liked it and decided to stay, but the other guy came back to Ohio. So their daughter Phyllis believed that story, as she had no reason not to believe them... Then, when she was going through the house after they died, she found these papers in a closet with Swingley and the rest of the children, listed on a hand written piece of paper, and it said "Brothers & Sisters"... she didn't know what it meant!!! I was curious and started digging... We visited Salina and Phyllis, and went to the cemetery... I obtained a copy of the obit and tried to explain to her... That Russell knew Lila lived in Salina, and went there because of her (Lila)... 

They lied to their own children!!!


Phyllis is now in a rehab center after having some surgery. We talked on the phone last week... Phyllis and her parents were not close, in fact,  for a couple of years in high school, she stayed in town with a relative, as they (her parents) would not let her go to any school functions, etc. they just wanted her to work on the farm, she told me.



So, If There Is Anyone Out There 

Who Could Help Phyllis and Bonnie 

To Discover...


 The Rest of The Story...


 To This Hoy-Light Family Mystery, 

PLEASE Contact Me Using This E-Mail Link. 


Thank You,

Kathy (Hoy) Eltiste


Please Use This Link To Send Me An E-Mail





Husband - George Washington Owings

Born - August 6, 1850

Shelby, Richland County, Ohio

Died - December 28, 1928

Salina, Saline County, Kansas

Buried - Gypsum Hill Cemetery, 

Salina, Saline County, Kansas 

Find A Grave Memorial # 76854902

Parents - George and Elizabeth (Garnhart) Owings







George W. Owings, 78, a resident of Saline county for 50 years, died at 2:30 o'clock this morning at his home, 120 Baker Street, of asthma and complications.

Mr. Owings was born August 6, 1850 at Shelby, Ohio. He came to Salina in April 1878 and had lived in or near Salina since. For the last 18 years he lived in the city limits, though he owned several farms near the city.

Surviving are his wife, Susan; a son, Walter Owings, Salina; three brothers, John Owings, Morral, Ohio; Jake Owings, Kenton, Ohio; and Charles Owings, Seamon, Ohio; a sister, Mrs. G. A. Shop, Forrest, Ohio; three grandchildren

 and four great-grandchildren.

Mr. Owings was a member of I. O. O. F.

The body was taken to the Rush Smith Funeral Home where it will rest until the hour of the service, which will be Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the First Presbyterian Church, Reverend R. V. Kearns officiating. The I. O. O. F., will conduct services at the grave and pallbearers will be selected from the I. O. O. F. Lodge.

Burial will be in Gypsum Hill Cemetery. 




Son - Walter Lewis Owings

Born - May 8, 1874, Ohio

Married - 1895/1896 

Died - August 24, 1940

Salina, Saline County, Kansas

Buried - Gypsum Hill Cemetery, 

Salina, Saline County, Kansas 

Find A Grave Memorial # 76992449







Walter L. Owings, 66, who had lived for many years on farm 8 miles northwest of Salina, moving into this city in 1922 when he retired, died at 9:45 o'clock this morning at his home, 120 Baker, of complications developing from a paralytic stroke of May 13, this year. His body was taken to the Rush Smith Funeral Home to remain until Monday morning at 10 o'clock, when it will be returned to the family home. The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the United Brethren church, Rev. Elmer C. King in charge, assisted by Rev, C.V. Priddle, of Wichita.

In the immediate family are the widow, Mrs. Lucy Owings, and three daughters, Mrs. Elva Brotton, Mrs. Lila Light and Mrs. Florence Mattison, all of Salina.

The deceased was a member of the United Brethren church and of the Masonic Lodge. Burial will be in Gypsum Hill cemetery






Wife - Lucy Irene (Lamkin) Owings

Born - November 20, 1872 , Kansas

Died - March 11, 1959

Salina, Saline County, Kansas 

Buried - Gypsum Hill Cemetery, 

Salina, Saline County, Kansas

Find A Grave Memorial # 77028307



Walter & Lucy Owings Had 3 Children



Daughter - Elva Owings

Born - November 6,1896, Kansas


Daughter - Lila May (Owings) Light

Born - February 25, 1903, Kansas

Married - September 4, 1924

Died - May 10, 1993

Tescott, Ottawa County, Kansas 

Buried - Gypsum Hill Cemetery, 

Salina, Saline County, Kansas 

Find A Grave Memorial # 77210150



Husband - Wilbur Chance "Russell" Light

Born - April 10, 1899, Ohio

Died - January 24, 1984

Tescott, Ottawa County, Kansas 

Buried - Gypsum Hill Cemetery, 

Salina, Saline County, Kansas 

Find A Grave Memorial # 77209907

Parents - William Jacob and Rebecca May (Charlton) Light


Daughter - Florence Edna (Owings) Mattison

Born - June 21, 1904, Kansas

Died - April 13, 1986

Buried - Gypsum Hill Cemetery, 

Salina, Saline County, Kansas 

Find A Grave Memorial # 77210872



Husband - Paul S. Mattison

Born - April 3, 1903

Died - April 14, 1969

Buried - Gypsum Hill Cemetery, 

Salina, Saline County, Kansas 

Find A Grave Memorial # 7721092



Brother - Swingley Light

Born - October 29, 1859

Crawford County, Ohio

Wife - Caroline (Pfleiderer) Light


Sister - Cynthia Ellen (Light) Sprow

Born - February 1, 1861

Husband - George Wesley Sprow


Brother  - William Jacob Light

Born - June 16, 1863

Wife - Rebecca May Charlton


Sister - Sarah Ida Light

Born - January 7, 1865

1st Husband - Henry J. Sprow

2nd Husband - George W. Gwinner


Brother - Daniel P. Light

Born - September 27, 1866

Died - November 3, 1895

Buried - Union Cemetery, Sulphur Springs,

Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio


Sister - Mary C. Light

Born - April 15, 1870

Husband - George Benton Kelly


Brother - John H. Light

Born - August 29, 1872

Liberty Township, Crawford County, Ohio

Wife - Anna (Bittikofer) Light



Father -William Jacob Light

 Mother - Salome Sarah "Sally" (Hoy) Light



 Grandfather Peter (Heu) Hoy

Grandmother - Susanna (Lebo) Hoy



Great Grandfather - Bernhard Heu/Hoy

Great Grandmother - Anna Margaretha (Hubler) Hoy



Great Great  Grandfather - Johann Carle Heu/Hoy

Great Great Grandmother - Maria Eva  (Schaurer) Hoy



- Information Source For William Jacob & Salome "Sally" Sarah (Hoy) Light  -

"The Descendants of Bernhard Hoy"

(1743 - circa 1810)

By - Eva (Hoy) Haelen - Our Hoy Family Historian



- Information Source For Susan Light Owings and Family -

Provided By Bonnie Alheim Koons



- Gypsum Hill Cemetery Photo's Courtesy of Dawn Koenig, a Find-A-Grave Friend -




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