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Can You Identify Any Other People

 in this Unique Photograph

Entitled "The Watermelon Gathering"??




This is a photo of what was written on the back of the "Watermelon Gathering"....

"A watermelon party was given by Miss Ethel Pollard of Carthage, Ohio

at her home in honor of Miss Minnie Olin of Indianapolis, Indiana on

Tuesday night, August 26, 1902, for her departure to Colorado

on September 10, 1902"


What is known about this photograph is that William Ellsworth Hoy is the 3rd Male

from the left in the Back Row holding the Watermelon Rind up to his face like a mustache.

His wife Anna Maria (Lowery) Hoy is also in the photograph, she is the one

sitting at the table who has the woman standing behind her with her arms

over her shoulders. The Woman far from the left is Elizabeth Armstrong,

who was a Bridesmaid at William & Anna's Wedding.


This Photograph was received from Steve Sandy

Family Historian for the William Ellsworth Dummy Hoy Family



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