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Burgsalach Coat of Arms


Burgsalach Coat of Arms




Burgsalach is nearly directly because of the limes, which a Roman road accompanies. Along the limes leads a cycle path directly into the Altmuehltal. Foundations of a stone awake tower, a copied wood tower as well as the foundation walls of the Burgus, a Roman troop accommodation for a group of one hundred, leave themselves on the round moving ways "on the traces of the Romans" erwandern.

On the gemeindegebiet from Burgsalach are numerous archaeological monuments. Thus are here among other things grave hills from the resounding place time. One of the most important "archaeological monuments" in Germany, the Roman limes, still visibly runs on far distances by the gemeindegebiet. Castellets, being awake towers and Roman roads make Burgsalach secrettap for migrations and walks!





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