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Rohrs Family - Coat of Arms

Rohrs Family


Rohrs Family - Coat of Arms


Mary Lenore  (Rohrs) Black


Esther Lee (Rohrs) Brewer


Ida (Rohrs) Carstens


Dorothy Pearl (Miner) Chapman


Matilda M. (Fre˙tag) Dankenbring


Mary E. (Grant) Dye


Elmer Edward Ehlers


Edna Barbara (Rohrs) Eltiste


Betty Kathryn (Miner) Mears Erickson

Betty Erickson


Pauline M. (Rohrs) Frazee


Catharine (Rohrs) Fre˙tag


Liberty Freemont Grant


Samuel LaMonte Grant


Sarah (Dye) Grant


Willard Grant


Willard James Grant


Lala Madeline (Fre˙tag) Gregg


Helen Belinda (Miner) Hawkins


Ellen E. (Rohrs) Hill


Carolyn Faye (Miner) Hoppe


Teresa Ellen (Rohrs) Merriman


David Paul Miner


Veteran World War IIDonald Earl Miner


Ellen (Grant) Miner


Frederick Rohrs Miner


Harold Willard Miner


 Harry R. Miner


Henry L. Miner


Ida Pearl (Rohrs) Miner


Veteran World War IIMarvin Clayton Miner


Paul Curlyn Miner


Richard Paul Miner


Ross Henry Miner


Willard Henry Miner


Louise (Rohrs) O'Connor


Hollis Grant (Miner) Ohm


Martha V. (Grant) Palmer


Anthony W. Rohrs


Chester James Rohrs


Dennis Kerlin Rohrs


Frances Evelyn Rohrs

(Sister Ancilla Rohrs)


Naval Veteran World War IIFredrick Harry Rohrs


Friedrick Henry Rohrs

Fred Rohrs


Henry R. Rohrs


 John Rohrs


John Christopher Fredrich Rohrs


John Henry Rohrs


Kathryn Rohrs


Veteran World War IIKenneth Vernon  Rohrs

Awarded the Purple HeartKenneth Rohrs


Mary (Schroeder) Rohrs


Pearl  Mary (Miner) Rohrs


Theodore John Rohrs


Never Forget The Vetrans Who Have Served Our CountryVernon Kirlin Rohrs


Vincent Eloy Rohrs


Catherine "Katie" Minnie (Fre˙tag) Swartz


Cecil Lee Thomas


Wilhelmine  Anna (Rohrs) Ehlers Thomas


Mary Ann (Rohrs) Vanderzard


Thelma Grace (Rohrs) Waite


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