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 Arthur Reuben Hoy

Born - September 11,1878

Warrenville, Du Page County, Illinois

Married - May1907

Died -October 22, 1910

Buried - Fullerton Cemetery, Nance County, Nebraska







Arthur Reuben Hoy, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Hoy,

was born on the 11th day of September, 1878, at Warrenville, Page County, Illinois, and died at his father's home seven miles

North of Fullerton. He came to Nebraska with his parents in

1889 and lived with them until March 1907, when he moved to Center, North Dakota, on a homestead, where he resided until August 1910, when he returned to his father's home.

He contracted the disease from which he died,

sometime before he went to Dakota and it was for the

benefit of his health that he went there.


For awhile he was better, but later he was persuaded to

return home where he could receive better care.

The best of medical attention was given him but without avail,

 and he passed peacefully away on the above mentioned date.


He was married to Miss Ivy C. Wolfe in May 1907,

 to which union two bright little girls were born.

He leaves beside his wife and children, a loving father and mother, two sisters and five brothers to mourn his loss.

The funeral services were held at R. J. Hoy's, Wednesday

morning at 9:30, conducted by Rev. A. G. McVay.

Interment at Fullerton Cemetery.

The Fullerton Post

Nance County, Nebraska

Front Page


October 27, 1910




Wife - Ivy C. (Wolfe) Hoy

Born - 1880

Died - 1932

Buried - Fullerton Cemetery, Nance County, Nebraska

Ivy's Father - Seth Wolfe  

To This Union 2 Daughters Were Born



Residence on April 28, 1910 - Oliver, North Dakota 


Note-Ivy (Wolfe) Hoys 2nd Husband - Edward D. Mastin

Marriage Date - August 14th, 1912

Belgrade, Nance County, Nebraska



Daughter - Maybelle Hoy

Born - May 1908


Daughter - Maud E. Hoy

Born - December 1909



Brother  - Carlton Hoy

Born - 1882 - Died - 1883

Warrenville, Du Page County, Illinois


Sister  - Ella M. Hoy

Born - March 1884

Warrenville,  Du Page, Illinois

Died - 1902

Fullerton, Nance County, Nebraska


Brother - Frank D. Hoy

Born - March 17,1886


Sister  - Luella A. (Hoy) Barber

Born - September 25,1887

Husband - Ralph Barber


Brother  - Rush C. Hoy

Born - October 8,1889

Fullerton, Cedar Township, Nance County, Nebraska

 Died - June 11, 1913

Due to Injuries Sustained in a Farm Accident


Brother  - Clarence W. Hoy

Born - January 7, 1891

Wife - Blanche (Maybon) Hoy


Brother - Lester W. Hoy

Born - November 13,1893

Wife - Clara G. (Ellis) Hoy


Sister  - Florence M. (Hoy) Pebley

Born - September 1895

Fullerton, Cedar Township, Nance County, Nebraska

Married - 1921

 Died - 1927

Husband - Frank Pebley

No Children Were Born to this Union


Brother  - Dexter J. Hoy

Born - November 5,1897

Wife - Hazel E. (Jennings) Hoy



Father - Rush Jacob Hoy

Mother  - Mary Jane (Tart) Hoy



Grandfather - Reuben Hoy

Grandmother - Elizabeth (Hammer) Hoy



Great Grand Father - Henry Hoy

Great Grand-Mother - Elizabeth Margaretha (Wiltrout) Hoy

(3rd  Wife of Henry Hoy)



  Great - Great Grandfather - Phillip (Heu) Hoy

Great - Grandmother - Anna Maria (Gilbert) Hoy


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