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George Washington Hoy

Born - February 4, 1858

Mt Pulaski, Logan County, Illinois

Married - 1890 /1891

Perry, Dallas County, Iowa

Died - May 10, 1923

San Diego, San Diego County, California

Buried - Mount Hope Cemetery

 San Diego, San Diego County, California

Find A Grave Memorial # 52668215




George Washington, Helen, Lee,  Lizzy,

Russell, Mildred (Center) and Fred Hoy

Photograph Courtesy of Mindy Hagen - Great Granddaughter of G. W. and Lizzy Hoy




A  Little Hoy Family Mystery

By: Mindy Hagen

Great - Granddaughter of George Washington Hoy

The story of my great-grandfather, George Washington Hoy being buried in two cemeteries was a fascinating discovery.

 In the years 2004 and 2005 I'd  gone "on a mission" with the purpose of photographing as many tombstones of my relatives as I could find.

 I began at Greenwood Memorial Park and Cemetery because I knew my grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-grandfather were laid to rest there,

as well as Russell Hoy and his wife, Jessie, and several others in the family. But imagine my surprise when the clerk in Greenwood's office told me that

 my great-grandfather Hoy's burial plot is still unused.


Looking at him with disbelief, I was too shocked to say anything! 

 I eventually found my voice and replied, "But his name is on the tombstone.

He has to be buried there."

Checking the records again, the clerk told me

"No, the plot is empty. It's never been used."  


Hmmmm.....what to do now? I drove to other cemeteries in the area,

 hoping to find George Washington Hoy's real grave site.

 It took a while, but I finally located him at Mount Hope Cemetery.

Excitedly,  I photographed his grave marker before walking up the hill

to Mount Hope's office where I asked their clerk about the possibility

 of moving him over to Greenwood Cemetery.

They said I'd need to get permission from the family

 before any plans could be made.

 So I contacted the family and they said it had always 

been their intent to have him moved from Mount Hope Cemetery

over to Greenwood Cemetery, way back before my great-grandmother,

Sarah Elizabeth (Dundore) Hoy passed away in 1965,

 but they'd never gotten around to it.

They said that since so much time had gone by it was probably

best to just leave him where he's at.


At first I was disappointed, but then understood that moving

George Washington Hoy's remains wouldn't be worth the expense.

I came to feel at peace about it.




Family Timeline


NOTE - The 1900 Census Has George Hoy and "Sarah E."

Residing in Colfax, Dallas County, Iowa, with their children,

Lee, Helen E., Russell D., Fredrick and Mildred.

It also states that Sarah E. had a total of 6 children, 5 of whom were still living.


The 1910 Census Has George W. and Wife "Lizzie" Residing in

Clear Lake, Deuel County, So. Dakota, with their Children,

Lee, Helen, Russell, Fred, Mildred, Dorothy, Frances.

It also states that Lizzie had a total of 9 children, 7 of whom were still living.


The 1920 Census Has George W. and Wife "Elizabeth S."

Residing in San Diego, California, with their children,

Helen E., Russell D., George Fredrick, Mildred E.,

Dorothy Elizabeth and Frances A.



Wife - Sarah Elizabeth (Dundore) Hoy

"Lizzy Hoy"

Born - February 15, 1868

Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Died - December 26, 1965

San Diego, California

Buried - Greenwood Memorial Park Cemetery

 San Diego, California

Find A Grave Memorial # 52667286

Parents - William and Mary (Scholl) Dundore




Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzy" Dundore

Taken in 1888 at 20 Years of Age



Lizzy Hoy on her 93rd Birthday

February 15, 1961

Photographs Courtesy of Mindy Hagen



"The Hoy Children"



Hoy Family Reunion

Took Place at the home of Lloyd & Helen Jones in San Marcos, California in 1980

Left to Right - Frances, Dorothy, Lee, Mildred and Helen

Photograph Courtesy of Mindy Hagen



Son - Joseph "Lee" Hoy

Born - May 6, 1893

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

1st Wife - Golda Edna (Spillers) Hoy

2nd Wife - Grace Malvina (Force) Hoy

3rd Wife - Blanche Locke (Haney) Hoy


Daughter - Helen Esther (Hoy) Jones

Born - November 15,1894

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Husband - Lloyd  Henry Jones


Son - Russell Dundore Hoy

Born - January 15, 1896

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Married - June 26, 1920

Santa Ana, Orange County, California

Died - May 6, 1972

Lake Elsinore, Riverside County, California

Wife - Jessie Grace (Hafer) Hoy

Born - April 19, 1900

Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas

Died - September 9, 1992

Calimesa, California


Son - George Frederick Hoy

"Fred Hoy"

Born - June 26,1897

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Wife - Gertrude Frances (Lander) Hoy


Daughter - Mildred Elnora (Hoy) von Trutzschler

Born - September 14,1898

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Husband - Wolo von Trutzschler


Daughter - Dorothy Elizabeth (Hoy) Turp

Born - November 12, 1903

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Died - June 2, 1987 - Oregon

Husband - Norman Turp

Born - 1895

Died - June 2, 1987 - Oregon


Daughter - Frances Ailene (Hoy) Sharpless

Born - March 26, 1907

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Husband - Harold Harvey Sharpless



Brother - Joseph Lewis Hoy

Born - January 13, 1849

Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Wife - Margaret (Follis) Hoy


Brother - Daniel Hoy

Born - 1851

Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania


Brother - John Jacob Hoy

Born - March 1, 1853

Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Wife - Mary Catherine (Bechtel) Hoy


Brother - Baby Boy Hoy

Buried - Bowers Templeman Cemetery

Mt. Pulaski, Logan County, Illinois


Brother - Benjamin Franklin Hoy

Born - March 21, 1857

Mt Pulaski, Logan County, Illinois

Wife - Margaret C. (Miller) Hoy



Father - Daniel Lewis Hoy

Mother - Justina  "Jesty" (Miller) Hoy

Step - Mother - Lydia (Kleckner) Hoy



Grandfather - Joseph Hoy

Grandmother - Anna Maria (Snyder) Hoy



  Great - Grandfather - Phillip (Heu) Hoy 

Great - Grandmother - Anna Maria (Gilbert) Hoy



Great - Great - Grandfather - Johann Albrecht Hoy

Great - Great - Grandmother - Susanna Snevely Hoy


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