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Hoy Family

Mildred Elnora (Hoy) von Trutzschler

Born - September 14,1898

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Married - September 8, 1928


Died - June 17, 1992

San Diego, California

Buried - Greenwood Memorial Park Cemetery

 San Diego, San Diego County, California




Mildred Elnora Hoy

Photograph Courtesy of Mindy Hagen

Great - Granddaughter of George Washington & Sarah Elizabeth (Dundore) Hoy

Granddaughter of Wolo & Mildred (Hoy) von Trutzschler

Daughter of James & Jeannie (von Trutzschler)  Morton



Husband - Baron Wolff Erhardt Anton George Trutzschler von Falkenstein

 But, he became known as "Wolo",

due to his younger sister's difficulty pronouncing his name.



Born - July 24, 1902

Berlin, Germany

Occupation - He Wrote and Illustrated Five Children's Books,

Painted Murals in the San Francisco Bay Area,

 and was well known as a Caricatures Artist, Puppeteer, Newspaper Columnist,

and Created Beautiful Greeting Cards, Postcards, and Milk Bottle Caps...

Died - May 8, 1989

 San Francisco, California 




Wolo and his Best Loved Puppet Aloysius

Photograph Courtesy of www.woloart.com

And Wolo's Son, Erhardt von Trutzschler



Click on the Link Below to See Some of Wolo's Wonderful Artwork's

And Read His Story, As Loving Told By His Son, Pastor Von...




Also, Please Click on This Link to Learn More About

Pastor Von and Spectrum Ministries...







Son - Erhardt G. von Trutzschler

"Pastor Von"

Born - May 2, 1929

Los Angeles, California

Veteran - Korean War


Daughter - Liddy Jean von Trutzschler


Born - November 24, 1930

Hollywood, California

Died - October 17, 2007

San Diego, California

Buried - Greenwood Memorial Park Cemetery,

San Diego, California



Brother - Joseph "Lee" Hoy

Born - May 6, 1893

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

1st Wife - Golda Edna (Spillers) Hoy

2nd Wife - Grace Malvina (Force) Hoy

3rd Wife - Blanche Locke (Haney) Hoy


Sister - Helen Esther (Hoy) Jones

Born - November 15,1894

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Husband - Lloyd Henry Jones


Brother - Russell Dundore Hoy

Born - January 15, 1896

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Married - June 26, 1920

Santa Ana, Orange County, California

Died - May 6, 1972

Lake Elsinore, Riverside County, California

Wife - Jessie Grace (Hafer) Hoy

Born - April 19, 1900

Hiawatha, Brown County, Kansas

Died - September 9, 1992

Calimesa, California


Brother - George Frederick Hoy

Born - June 26,1897

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Wife - Gertrude Frances (Lander) Hoy


Sister - Dorothy Elizabeth Hoy

Born - November 12, 1903

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa


Sister - Frances Aileen (Hoy) Sharpless

Born - March 26, 1907

Adel, Dallas County,  Iowa

Husband - Harold Harvey Sharpless



Father - George Washington Hoy

Mother - Sarah Elizabeth (Dundore) Hoy



Grandfather - Daniel Lewis Hoy

Grandmother - Justina  "Jesty" (Miller) Hoy

Step - Grandmother - Lydia (Kleckner) Hoy



Great Grandfather - Joseph Hoy

Great Grandmother - Anna Maria (Snyder) Hoy



  Great Great  Grandfather - Phillip (Heu) Hoy 

Great Great Grandmother - Anna Maria (Gilbert) Hoy



Great Great Great Grandfather - Johann Albrecht Hoy

Great Great Great Grandmother - Susannah (Snevely) Hoy



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