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Hoy Family

Aaron Hoy

Born - June 13, 1820

Died - August 1, 1890

Buried- Zion Blue Mountain Church Cemetery,

Strausstown, Pennsylvania



General Telegraph News

Pauline's Smiles

Win The Day

She Laughs Herself Out of Court With

$2,000 of Aaron Hoy's Money.



Pottsville, September 10, 1884 - A strange

case of love and misplaced confidence, the

particulars of which have just come to light,

occurred in this city a month ago. A

handsomely dressed German girl about

18 years of age, of prepossessing appearance,

came to Pottsville and took up

quarters at the Exchange Hotel. Among the frequent visitors of the hotel was a prominent and wealthy farmer named Aaron Hoy, who fell desperately in love with the young and handsome stranger, who registered as Pauline Bush, New York. Hoy, who was 60 years of age, was assiduous in his attentions to the young woman, who was coquettish, full of fun and adventure. The old man pressed his suit with an importunity worthy of a more romantic lover, but Pauline would never say yes, neither would she say no.

Mr. Hoy prevailed upon Pauline to go with him to his home and keep house for him. She went, and Mr. Hoy carried out his agreement financially with liberal promptness. Miss Bush got homesick, and Hoy filled her pocket with gold dollars and brought her to Pottsville again. With plenty of change for confectionery, ice cream, and soda water the girl soon recuperated.

The infatuated widower wanted to know if she was not well enough to go back with him, again, Pauline said that she sufficiently recovered to oversee matters, but she was not yet able to do hard work. Hoy was delighted and started with his angel for their country home. He could not see that the little blue-eyed German girl was toying with him for his money. She subsequently returned to Pottsville again and visited all the dry goods stores in town and left a handsome sum at each place. She bought herself a gold watch and chain and other valuable articles.

On Monday morning last Hoy appeared at a Squire's office and wanted a warrant for the arrest of Pauline Bush on the charge of stealing $2,000 from him. A warrant was issued and Pauline put in an appearance last evening, but flatly denied stealing any money from Hoy, who was present, but she stated that he gave her the money. "This girl says you gave her the money," said the Justice. "Mein Gott im Himmell, Polly, du liegst; das ist nicht so!!."

At this Pauline turned and looked at the old man in the sweetest kind of a way and said: "N-o-o-o-w

A-a-r-o-n." As Mr. Hoy caught the glances of the enchantress he melted completely and said in German: "Well, we won't fight about it, Pauline: you can have the $2,000." where upon the case was settled and Pauline smilingly departed leaving the old man to go his way.


The New York Times

September 11, 1884



Article Submitted by Cal Hoy



Wife - Elisabeth (Koller) Hoy

Born - January 6, 1829

Died - December 30, 1879

Upper Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania

Buried- Zion Blue Mountain Church Cemetery,

Strausstown, Pennsylvania

To This Union 3 Children Were Born 



Son -James A. Hoy

Born - November 28, 1851

Died - February 22, 1931


Son - Cyrus Koller Hoy

Born - December 1855


Daughter - Agnes Elizabeth Hoy

Born - July 1862

Died - 1949



Brother - James Hoy

Born - September 2, 1811


Sister - Elemina "Ellen" Hoy

Born - December 26, 1815



Father - Jacob Hoy

Mother - Anna Maria (Schneider) Hoy



Grandfather -Bernhart (Bernhard Heu) Hoy

Grandmother - Anna Margaretha (Hubler) Hoy




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