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Adam Hoy

Born - June 28, 1838

Lykens Valley, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Veteran of the Civil War

Married - August 4, 1859

Died - July 2,1910

Silver Springs,

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Buried - Young's Church Cemetery,

Silver Spring Township, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Find A Grave Memorial # 39986369



 Adam Hoy, the father of J. W., was born in Lykens Valley, Dauphin county,
  Pa., June 28, 1838, and came to Cumberland county with his father when
  fourteen years of age. He attended school before he had learned to speak
  English, using the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect, and in his after life found
  much amusement in the attempts he made and the laughable mistakes which his
  ignorance of the English language occasioned.

But being a bright lad he could soon talk as fluently as any boy in the
  school. In 1859 he married Sarah Jane Shenk, daughter of David Shenk, of
  Silver Spring township, and the young couple located in that township. Mr.
  Hoy worked by the day for about ten years, when they moved to North Middleton
  township, in 1876, and he bought a fine farm of 117 acres. In 1862 Adam Hoy
  entered Company A, 158th Regiment, at Chambersburg, Pa., and was located in
  North Carolina. After a year of hard service he was mustered out at
  Chambersburg. In 1896 Mr. Hoy removed to Steelton, Dauphin Co., Pa., and was
  employed at the steel works there for four years. In 1900 he came to
  Carlisle, where he is now located, engaged in a prosperous wood business.
    Children as follows were born to Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hoy: (1) J. W. is
  mentioned below. (2) Elizabeth died when two and one-half years old. (3)
  David A., of Middlesex township, is engaged in wagon making and blacksmithing.
  (4) Maggie J. of North Middleton township, is the wife of John E. Brawn, Jr.
  (5) Jesse Addison died in infancy., (6) Annie Rebecca, who lives in Steelton,
  is the wife of Wesley Feister. (7) Talbert was killed in the steel plant at
  Steelton. (8) Rosa is living at Philadelphia, wife of George Kriner. (g)
  Sarah Ellen is living at Carlisle, wife of Harry Stringfellow. (10) Samuel A. is at home.


Wife - Sarah Jane (Shenk) Hoy

Born - September 22, 1840

Silver Spring, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Died - January 22, 1911

Silver Spring, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Buried - Young's Church Cemetery,

Silver Spring Township, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Sarah's Parents- David & Hetty Shenk of Silver Spring, Pennsylvania

Find A Grave Memorial # 39986247

To This Union 10 Children Were Born



Son - John Wesley Hoy

Born - October 30, 1861

Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania


 J. W. Hoy attended the excellent schools of Silver Spring township until he
  was fourteen years of age, when he came to North Middleton township with his
  father, and worked for him until he was twenty-one years of age. In 1886 Mr.
  Hoy was united in marriage with Sarah J. Kutz, a daughter of Joseph and
  Elizabeth (Keihl) Kutz, of North Middleton township, and one child has
 come to this marriage, John Henry, born Jan. 1, 1899, a very bright,
  intelligent child, who promises to grow into a fine lad. In 1895 Mr. Hoy
  bought his father-in-law's farm of 130 acres in North Middleton township, and
  settled upon it, making many improvements upon it as the years have gone by.
    In politics Mr. Hoy is a Democrat, has served as tax collector two terms,
  clerk and assessor three years, and inspector of elections. In every walk of
  life to which he has been called he has proven himself a most worthy and
  excellent man, and he has many warm personal friends throughout the county.
  Mr. and Mrs. Hoy are members of Carlisle Springs Evangelical Lutheran Church.


BIO: J. W. HOY, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

From Biographical Annals of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania,
  Chicago: The Genealogical Publishing Co., 1905, pages 303-304

Daughter - Anna Elizabeth Hoy

Born - July 30, 1864

Died - September 20, 1867


Son - David Artemis Hoy

Born - January 11, 1867

Occupation - Blacksmith


Daughter - Margaret Jane "Maggie" (Hoy) Brawn

Born - December 20, 1868


Died - February 18, 1919

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Buried - Salem Stone Church Cemetery

Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Husband - John E. Brawn Jr.

Born - April 9, 1867

Died - June 18, 1938

Buried - Salem Stone Church Cemetery

Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania


Son - Jessie Addison Hoy

Born - November 8, 1870

Died - November 16, 1870


Daughter - Anna Rebecca (Hoy) Feister

Born - March 22, 1872

Husband - Wesley Feister


Son - Tolbert Crane Hoy

Born - September 2, 1874 - Pennsylvania

Died - December 9, 1896

Killed at the Steelton, Pennsylvania Steel Plant

Aged 22 years, 3 months, 7 days

Buried - Young's Church Cemetery,

Silver Spring Township,

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Find A Grave Memorial # 39987442


Daughter - Rose Irene (Hoy) Kriner

Born - November 27, 1876

Husband - George Kriner


Daughter - Sarah Ellen (Hoy) Stringfellow 

Born - September 8, 1879 - Pennsylvania

Married - December 8, 1900

Died - January 12, 1916

Husband - Harry Stringfellow

Born - 1875

Died - 1903


Son - Samuel Adam Hoy

Born - January 16, 1882

Died - June 5, 1909

Buried - Young's Church Cemetery,

Silver Spring Township,

 Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Find A Grave Memorial # 39987306



Sister - Hannah (Hoy) Kiehl

Born - July 13,1837 - Pennsylvania

Husband - John Philip Kiehl


Brother - William Romberger Hoy

Born - September1845 

Wife - Martha Ellen (Smith) Hoy


Brother - Daniel Webster Hoy

Born - January 8,1848 -

Wife - Margaret Jane (Babble) Hoy


Brother - John Henry Hoy

Born - August 31, 1854

Wife - Amanda (Schaefer) Hoy


Sister - Julia Anna (Hoy) Brubaker

Born - June 8, 1858

Husband - Isaac Brubaker



Father - Heinrich (Henry) Hoy

Mother - Julyan (Romberger) Hoy



Grandfather Peter (Heu) Hoy

Grandmother - Susanna (Lebo) Hoy



Great - Grandfather - Bernhard Heu/Hoy

Great - Grandmother - Anna Margaretha (Hubler) Hoy



Great - Great - Grandfather -Johann Carle Heu /Hoy

Great - Great - Grandmother - Maria Eva  (Schaurer) Hoy



- Information Source For Adam & Sarah Jane (Shank) Hoy -

"The Descendants of Bernhard Hoy"

(1743 - circa 1810)

By - Eva (Hoy) Haelen - Our Hoy Family Historian




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