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Peter Hoy

Born - 1816

West Bloom Township, Fairfield, County, Ohio

Marriage - November 7, 1835

Fairfield County, Ohio

Died - August 13, 1837




Mary Margaret "Polly" (Stump) Hoy

Photograph Courtesy of Janice (Courtright) Reed



Wife - Mary Margaret "Polly" (Stump) Hoy

Born - July 2, 1816

 Fairfield County, Ohio

Died -  February 22, 1892

 Shelby County, Illinois

To This Union 1 Son Was Born

Polly's 2nd Marriage to Peter's Brother David Andrew Hoy 



Polly's Father - Joel Stump

Born - April 10, 1784

Died - October 26, 1868

Albany Township,  Berks County, Pennsylvania

Polly's Mother - Catherine (Stumpf) Stump

Born - May 26, 1791

Died - October 1, 1824

Albany Township,  Berks County, Pennsylvania



Fun Facts About Mary Margaret "Polly" Stump


By Allison Courtright


"Mary Margaret “Polly” Stump Hoy is the Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother to

 Allison Courtright.  Her parents were Joel Stump and Catherine Stumpf.

Polly is related back to Johann George Stumpfund, 1690, in Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany

through links from both her parents in the following manner:"


Mary Margaret Polly Stump 1816 - 1892 Fairfield, Ohio

Joel Stump 1784 - 1868 Berks, Pennsylvania

Johann Jacob Stump 1745 - ???? Berks, Pennsylvania

Johann Daniel Stumpf 1724 - 1779 Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Johann George Stumpfund 1690 - ???? Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany

Mary Margaret Polly Stump 1816 - 1892 Fairfield, Ohio

Catherine Stumpf 1791 - 1824 Berks, Pennsylvania

Conrad Stumpf 1755 - 1824 Berks, Pennsylvania

Johann Wilhelm Stumpf 1725 - 1805 Theuberg, Germany

Johann George Stumpfund 1690  - ???? Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany


Excerpt From Mary Margaret's 1892 Obituary:


"She was twice married, her first marriage was to Peter Hoy,

who was accidentally injured after falling off a horse on his way

home from a “church” meeting on Aug 12, 1837,

from which he died the next morning.

From this marriage one son was born, Rev. Simon P. Hoy.

Her second marriage was to David A. Hoy, who survives her at the age of 84
years. Her first and second husbands were brothers. To the second marriage
seven sons and three daughters were born, all living. There are 33
grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. In 1840, she with her husband,
moved from Pickaway Co, Ohio to Putnam County, Ohio, where they lived for
three years in a wilderness, in a cabin, six miles from a wagon road. In
1843, they returned to Pickaway County, OH, and in 1854, on the 6th day of
October the family reached Shelbyville, Il., and have resided there ever
since, in the locality where she died."



Son - Rev. Simon Peter Hoy

Born - June 16, 1837

Fairfield County, Ohio

Wife - Amanda F. Hoy



Father - John Adam Hoy

Mother  - Barbara Hoy



Grandfather - Johann Philip (Heu) Hoy

(Philip Hoy )

Grandmother - Barbara Hoy



Great  Grandfather - Johann Carl (Heu) Hoy

Great Grandmother - Maria Eva (Schaurer) Hoy


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