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Sarah Sally (Hoy) Teegardin

Born - February 17, 1814

Fairfield County, Ohio

Married - March 25, 1833 - Ohio

Died - July 24, 1894

Aged: 80 Years, 5 Months, 7 Days

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery,  Lithopolis,

Bloom Township ,Fairfield County, Ohio

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Aaron Teegardin



Aaron Teegardin, was born in Franklin Township, Westmoreland

county, Pennsylvania, February 23, 1810. When about 1 year of age, his father emigrated, with his family, to Ohio, arriving in

Madison township, in April of that year. His father was George

Teegardin, and his mother, Christine Brobst Teegardin.

On their arrival, Mr. Teegardin located his family on one hundred and sixty acres of land, in section twenty-three. The children of

George and Christine Teegardin were: Barbara, John, Ann,

Aaron and Mary.


Aaron Teegardin,  when a boy, attended such schools as the

country then afforded, they being sustained by private subscription.

His school education was necessarily very limited, and was

mostly confined to a few months during the winter, after he

became an age when his help in the necessary work of the

farm was valuable. He worked hard, as did even the boys,

in those days, at log rolling, raisings, clearing the forest,

and raising the necessary food for subsistence,

his only recreation being fox hunting, in the winter, and such

gatherings of the young people of the neighborhood

as took place.


In March, 1883, he was married to Sarah Hoy. After marriage

they moved into a hewed-log house, which still stands near the

present residence. Here they lived, and here were their

children born, who were as follows: Ephraim, who was born

December 27, 1934, and was married to Nancy Sharp, and

now lives in Miami county, Indiana: Mahala remains at home;

Henry was born April 16, 1841 and died August 1863,

at Boise City, on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains,

where he had gone in search of his fortune in the gold mines;

John married Harriet Hoffhine, and lives on section thirty-one;

Mary lives at home; Augustus owns property in section

seventeen, but lives at home; George Philip married

Amelia Hoffhine, and lives on the home farm; Levi married

Rosetta Pfleeger, and lives on the home farm; one child,

the second, died in infancy.


In 1850 they built their present substantial farm dwelling,

near the log house that had for so long been their home.

A representation of the home,  together with portraits of

Mr. and Mrs. Teegardin, appear in connection

with this sketch.


Mr. Teegardin was, for more then twenty years, a trustee

of his township. During that time the old state militia law was

in force, he held the offices of lieutenant, captain, major, in

that organization, serving in these different offices some

eight to ten years. He also held the office of justice of the peace

1844 to 1847.


He has filled a father's place in his care for the orphaned

children of his brothers and sisters, all of whom are now

grown to manhood and womanhood.



The Biography and Portrait Sketch's of

Aaron & Sarah (Hoy) Teegardin

and their Residential Sketch All Appear Courtesy of:


Mrs. Leona L. Gustafson




"The History of Franklin & Pickaway Counties,

Ohio with Illustrations And Biographical Sketches;

Some of the Prominent Men and Pioneers"

(Williams Bros., 1880)

Which can be found online at:

http://www.genealogybug.net/FrankPic/frank_pick.htm , page 385 http://www.genealogybug.net/FrankPic/teegardin.htm







Husband - Aaron Teegardin

Born - February  23, 1810

Franklin Township,

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

 Died - November  26,1887

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Aged: 77 Years, 9 Months, 3 Days

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery,  Lithopolis,

Bloom Township ,Fairfield County, Ohio

To This Union 8 Children Were Born


Aaron's Father - George Teegardin

Born - May 15, 1772

Western Pennsylvania

Alternate Date of Birth - April 25, 1782

Died - October 30, 1812



Aaron's Mother - Maria Christina (Brobst) Teegardin

Born - November 5, 1774

Died - October 30, 1814



Son- Ephraim Teegardin

Born - December 27, 1834 - Ohio

Married - November 23, 1856

Died - February 16, 1910

Wife - Nancy (Sharp) Teegardin

Born - 1835 - Saline, Illinois

To This Union 2 Children Were Born


Daughter - Mahala Teegardin

Born - May 22, 1837 - Ohio

Died - June 30, 1894

Aged: 57 Years, 1 Month, 8 Days

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery,  Lithopolis,

Bloom Township ,Fairfield County, Ohio


Son - Henry L. Teegardin

Born - April 16, 1841

Madison, Pickaway County, Ohio

Died - July 20, 1864

Boise City, Idaho

Aged: 23 Years, 3 Months, 4 Days

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery,  Lithopolis,

Bloom Township ,Fairfield County, Ohio


Son - John Ritter Teegardin

Born - December 3, 1842

Madison, Pickaway County, Ohio

Veteran - Civil War - 1862 - 1865

Married - April 22, 1869

Pickaway, Ohio

Died - 1874 - St. Paul, Ohio

Wife - Harriett Matilda (Hoffhine) Teegardin

Born - April 22, 1849 - Ohio

Died - May 4, 1929

Ashville, Ohio

To This Union 6 Children Were Born


Daughter - Mary Teegardin

Born - December 28, 1844

Madison, Pickaway County, Ohio

Died - January 2, 1910

Buried - Lithopolis Cemetery,  Lithopolis,

Bloom Township ,Fairfield County, Ohio


Son - Augustus Philip "Gus" Teegardin

Born - 1846

Madison, Pickaway County, Ohio

Died - 1860


Son - George Philip Teegardin

Born - July 11, 1848

Madison Township, Pickaway County, Ohio

Married - December 24, 1874

Pickaway, Ohio

Died - 1940

1st Wife - Amelia (Hoffhine) Teegardin

Born - May 18, 1854

Died - September 10, 1886

Parents - John and Jane (Peters) Hoffhine

To This Union 4 Children Were Born But Only 1 Lived

Daughter - Blanche (Teegardin) Kraft

Husband - R. W. Kraft


George Phillip's 2nd Wife - Anna (Lilly) Teegardin

Parents - Edward and Louise (Frankenberg) Lilly

To This Union 3 Children Were Born

Son - Curtis A. Teegardin

 Daughter - Sarah Louise Teegardin

Daughter - Bernice Teegardin


Son - Levi Teegardin

Born - 1850 - Ohio

Married - October 18, 1874 - Ohio

Died - March 3, 1936

Wife - Mary Rosetta (Pfleeger) Teegardin

Born - May 25, 1853

Wittenberg, Germany

Died - December 18, 1931

To This Union 3 Children Were Born




Sister - Barbary "Barbara" (Hoy) Shetterly

Born - 1800/1801 - Pennsylvania

Husband - George E. Shetterly

Born -  June 17, 1797

Mason, (Now Fleming County) Kentucky

Married - November 21, 1819

Died - July 29, 1882

Goshen, Clermont County, Ohio

George's Parents - Andrew W. & Elizabeth (Straub) Shetterly

To This Union 11 Children Were Born 


Brother  - Phillip Penn Hoy Jr.

Born - 1802

Wife - Lucy (Dage) Hoy


Brother - Abraham Hoy

Born - November 11, 1803

Wife - Magdalena (Fellers) Hoy


Sister  - Sarah Hoy

Born - 1805


Brother  - Daniel J. Hoy

Born - 1806

First Wife - Molly (Flick) Hoy

2nd Wife - Hester (Twigg) Hoy


Sister  - Catherine Hattie (Hoy) Dresbach

Born - May 30, 1807

Husband - Jacob E. Dresbach


Sister - Betsy Elizabeth Hoy

Born - July 30, 1809


Sister - Ann (Hoy) Dresbach

Born - December 1, 1812

Husband - Johann (John) Dresbach


Brother - Martin Hoy

Born - October 2, 1817

Wife - Amanda (Twigg) Hoy


Brother - Jacob Hoy

Born - October 1, 1819

Wife - Rebecca (Hoffman) Hoy


Father - Philip Penn Hoy

Mother - Elizabeth (Eyer) Hoy

Lizzie Hoy



Grandfather Johann Philip (Heu) Hoy

Grandmother - Barbara Hoy


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