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Elizabeth's Diary From 1948


November 1948

We moved to town, to Auburn in 1948.

We celebrated our 40th anniversary on November 25.

It  also  was Papa's Birthday.


December 1948


Monday, December 12, 1948

Was a beautiful day but very muddy.  Hard to drive on the roads


Wednesday, December 29, 1948

On Dec. 29.  We had a fire in our bedroom in Auburn.

Papa smoked in bed. The curtain caught afire.  I was in the kitchen starting breakfast


Thursday, December 30, 1948

It was 7:30.  I heard some strange yells and went in the dinning room.  Saw the room all lit up, the blanket was burning. I reached over and smothered out the fire on his head, rolled up the comforter.  Papa was pulling down the curtain and trying to trample out the fire with his shoes.  But did not notice the bed was also afire. It would have gotten out of control if I had not come in.  The window blind was ablaze too.  I tore it off bracket and all.  Papa has 5 sore spots on his head.  3 blisters on his wrists.


Friday, December 31, 1948

I made my first coffee cake here today.


January 1949


Saturday, January 1, 1949

We went Home, fed chickens, Came back to Auburn.


Sunday, January 2, 1949

Was a fine Day.  I have taken cold.  Helen & her family came to dinner.

We went to see Herman Milarchs in the evening.


Monday, January 3, 1949

It rained all day.  Had an electrical storm in the afternoon.

Our mail didn't come here.

Went to the farm.






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