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Grau Family ~Coat of Arms

Grau Family Coat of Arms

GRAU, GARAU and GUERAU Origin and Old history last name of Catalan origin, Its etimología and origin has two interpretations: As Grau agrees with topónimo Catalan "Grau" coming from Latin gradu ("escalón"), applied to mountainous steps and seaports (like grau, in Valencia, Castellón, Gandía etc...), in this case one would be a toponímico last name. With the variants Graus and Graos. And as Garau is one of the many forms that take in Catalan the old germanic name Gairoald, "gobernante by lanza" (to gair, "lanza";y ald "ilustre, caudillo"), evolved today to Grau or Guerau, therefore it would be a last name that would come from a baptism name. With the following variants: Gerau, Guerau, Guerao and Guirau. The last name of rancid ancestry and proven nobility. One is spread by Catalonia, all Spanish Levante, and by the Balearic islands, being very little extended in the rest of Spain, practically being not known in the south. Also one is him in Hispanic America. In Catalonia it had lots in the city of Seo de Urgel (Lérida), and in the called small village the Gleva, of the city council of Masías of San Hipólito and judicial party of Vic (Barcelona). In the city of Barcelona they had grave in the church of Santa Catherine, chapel of the holder. It happened to Majorca, where in 1238 it had one expanded property Berengario Garau. In 1268 it extended its enfitéulico contract possessions, taking a part of the uncultivated of the farmhouse "Arrenda", today "Randa". Miguel Garau obtained military privilege 1º of May of 1541 and Antonio Garau, privilege of horseman in 1586, was armed like so the 2 of June of 1587. Other many Garau Majorcan illustrated this lineage. Horsemen of this lineage populated in the city of Morella, that today belongs to the province of Castellón of the Flat one, and from this point they happened to put wall to the villa of Burriana, where they founded solar house and a chapel on the parochial temple. Guerau takings were horseman of the Order of San Juan. Also there were lines of the same lineage in the city of Valencia. One of the first men of this last name was Jofré de Grau, to which Jaime Febrer mentions mosén. It says this one, that this Grau horseman was descending of the counts of Barcelona, and that happened to the conquest of Valencia, in company of the one of Cardona, being in the site of Biar, villa that today belongs to the judicial party of Villena (Alicante). By his feats - Febrer adds - it pardoned the king to him Don Jaime I the fact of Luchente, and because he pleased that it remained in his army sent to him to Teulada, villa of the judicial party of Dénia, in the province of Alicante. Vicente de Grau, was civil Justice of Valencia in 1357. Gaspar Grau, natural of Onteniente (Valencia), was university professor of rhetoric in the university of Alcala de Henares. Don Jaime Grau, neighbor of Benasal (Castellón), I reach privilege of hidalguía in 1749. The branch of Cervera (Lérida), I reach sent privilege of nobility to Don Simón Grau, by the king Don Fernando V in Monsoon the 30 of August of 1510, confirmed by Don Carlos II, the 9 of February of 1678, in favor of the captain, Don Simon Grau

Grau is the 9,692th Most Popular Name in the United States


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