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Kiel Family  ~Coat of Arms

Kiel Family - Coat of Arms

Spelling variations include: Kiel, Kiehl, Kehl, Kieler, Kiehler, Kyler, Kielman, Kielmann, Kiehle, von Kiel and many more.

First found in Baden, where the name was anciently associated with the tribal conflicts of the area.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Christophle Kielman, who arrived in Louisiana in 1720, Johann Martin Kielman, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1753, Johan Georg Kiehl, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1738, Jacob Kiehl, his wife and four children, who came to Pennsylvania in 1752, Johannes Kiehl, who came to America in 1776 as one of the Hessian Troops in the American War for Independence, Baslion Kieler, who came to South Carolina in 1752, Carl Kiehlmann, who came from Hamburg to New York city in 1851, as well as George Kyler, whose Oath of Allegiance was recorded in Philadelphia 1842.

Kiel is a city in northern Germany and the capital of the

Bundesland Schleswig-Holstein.


Located on the Baltic Sea (Bay of Kiel) at the head of the Kieler Förde (Kiel fjord), the city has been one the country's main naval bases since the 1860s. Kiel is a center for German shipbuilders and the eastern terminus of the Kiel Canal.


Kiel is the7,533th Most Popular Name in the United States


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