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Douglas James Eltiste

Born - Tuesday, May 11, 1971


Largemouth Bass



Doug Eltiste - Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

Doug caught out of his Dad's Pond

Weighed 9 and 9˝lbs


Call Off Work

Go Fishing!!!

I'm Sure Your Boss Won't Mind

Bet He Did It Too....


Doug Eltiste - Largemouth Bass

Doug Eltiste - Crappie

Largemouth Bass

Weighed about 8˝ lbs

Crappie -16 inches long

Weighed between 2˝-3 lbs





Be Fishing?????


Son - Mason Eltiste

Daughter - Payton Eltiste


Fishing Is

A Passion

Especially For



Father - Wayne Paul Eltiste

Mother - Lois Jean (Ebeler) Eltiste


Fishey, Fishey In The Pond Or Sea

Wherever You Maybe

I've Got My Pole & Bait

So You Won't Escape!!!!!


Craig Eltiste Doug Eltiste


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