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Wolo & Mildred (Hoy) Von Trutzschler

Family Photo Album



Mildred Elnora Hoy

Photograph Taken 1899 at 8 Months Old

"Isn't She Dainty!!"



Mildred (Hoy) von Trutzschler


"I LOVE This Photo!!!"



Mildred Hoy von Trutzschler and Friend

Photograph Taken 1928



Erhardt & Lidi Jean

Taken August 1931



Erhardt, Mildred, Lidi Jean and Wolo

Taken Easter Sunday, 1932

Los Angeles, California



Lidi & Erhardt - Taken 1933

This is Lidi's Daughter Mindy's Favorite Photograph!!!!



Lidi Jean, Wolo and Erhardt

"Young Artist's"

Taken About 1933

This is One of My Favorite Photographs Received from Mindy



Lidi Jean - 3-1/2 Years Old

Isn't She A Living Doll???



Erhardt & Lidi Jean

Taken About 1933



Lidi Jean & Erhardt

Tintype Photograph

Taken - 1934



Erhardt and His Drum...



Erhardt & Lidi Jean

Julian, California - About 1943

Visiting Uncle Harold & Aunt Frances (Hoy) Sharpless



Mildred & Erhardt on His 15th Birthday

May 2, 1944



Erhardt, Mildred, Florence Sharpless (Cousin), Frances (Hoy) Sharpless,

Grandmother Hoy (Sarah Elizabeth (Dundore) Hoy,

and Florence's little brother, peaking out from behind, Erhardt.

Erhardt's 15th Birthday, May 2, 1944

(If Anyone Knows the the Unknown Sharpless Boys name,

Please e-mail me at eltistejohn@msn.com... Thanks, Kathy)



"Brother & Sister"

Julian, California 1947



Erhardt - 1954

After his Korean War Days...



Wolo von Trutzschler and Kitty

San Francisco, California

(Taken Sometime in the 1950's)

This is Also One of My Favorite "Wolo" Photographs!!!!!



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James Frederick "Jimmy" Morton

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Baron Wolff Erhardt Anton George Trutzschler von Falkenstein

 Mildred Elnora (Hoy) von Trutzschler



 George Washington Hoy

Sarah Elizabeth (Dundore) Hoy




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