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Anna Maria (Hoy) Wiltrout

Born - June 28, 1803

Married - 1827

Died - June 16, 1874

Buried - Salem Evangelical Cemetery



Husband - David Wiltrout

Born - 1803 - Port Clinton

Occupation - Manufacturer of Linens

Died - May 1, 1836

Buried - Salem Evangelical Cemetery

Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania

David's Parents - Johannes & Elizabeth (Rishel) Wiltrout

David is also the brother of Henry Hoy's 3rd Wife, Elizabeth (Wiltrout) Hoy

To This Union 4 Children Were Born


Fun Fact About David Wiltrout and his son, Charles Wiltrout

  David Wiltrout was born in 1803 at Port Clinton, and died a young man in Orwigsburg, in 1835. His vocation was that of a manufacturer of linens. He was united in marriage to Maria Hoy, daughter of Philip Hoy, a native of Berks county, but a pioneer settler, near Orwigsburg, this county, where he spent his days engaged in the avocation of a farmer. He was personally acquainted with Daniel Boone, the great hunter and Indian fighter of the 'Dark and Bloody Ground,' and served under 'Mad' Anthony Wayne, when that illustrious and valiant fighter was sent in 1794 to quell the Indians of the Northwest.

To this union were born four sons and one daughter; three of the sons are deceased; the daughter, Hannah, became the wife of Carl Yeakel, of Orwigsburg, this county.

Charles Wiltrout, after receiving a common school education in the schools of Orwigsburg, went in the autumn of 1845 to Schuylkill  Haven, to learn the trade of a tailor. After thoroughly mastering the details of the trade, he is 1851, established a merchant tailoring business, which he has faithfully and successfully pursued to the present time. He is a republican in politics, but has never sought office, but being one of the older residents of Schuylkill Haven, he has been frequently called to the offices of its municipal governments, and has served his people as school director, member of the council, burgess and assessor, and always with entire satisfaction to his constituents and credit to himself. Church work finds in him a hearty supporter and ready sympathizer, and is a liberal contributor to the Trinity Evangelical church, of which he is a trustee.

Mr. Wiltrout has been twice married, first in April 1852, to Elizabeth Wildermuth, which union resulted in four children: Clara L., who married Dr. J. H. Wingender, of Hudson, Wisconsin; Kate, who became the wife of George F. Dengler, the present postmaster of Schuylkill Haven; Dr. Irving D., who was graduated from Jefferson Medical college in the class of 1877, located in Hudson, Wisconsin, where he is proprietor, of a Sanitarium, and is a very successful practitioner of medicine, and Ella R., wife of Philip S. Kinports, who is a druggist of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Elizabeth Wildermuth Wiltrout, died June 18, 1886, and Mr. Wiltrout married his second wife Emma L. Reneker on January 30, 1890, a graduate of Philadelphia Normal School, and who was for fifteen years prior to their marriage, principal of Norris J. Hoffman Grammar School of Philadelphia.

 - SOURCE: Biography & History of Schuylkill County, p. 329 -

….“Wiley and Ruoff’s Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia

of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania”…….. Written in 1893



Son - Heinrich Wiltrout

Born - October 18, 1828


Son - William Wiltrout

Born - March 27, 1830


Son - Charles Wiltrout

Born - September 27, 1831

Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

1st Marriage Date - April 1852

1st Wife - Elizabeth (Wildermuth) Wiltrout

2nd Marriage Date - January 30, 1890

2nd Wife - Emma L. (Reneker) Wiltrout


Daughter - Hannah (Wiltrout) Yeakel

Born - 1834  /1836

Husband - Carl Yeakel



 Sister - Susanna (Hoy) Zoll

Born - January 8, 1792

Husband - Joseph Zoll


Brother - Abraham Hoy

Born - December 28, 1793

Wife  - Susanna (Faust) Hoy 


Brother - Joseph Hoy

Born - December 17, 1795

1st Wife - Anna Maria (Snyder) Hoy

2nd Wife  - Catherine (Zimmerman) Hoy 


 Brother - Henry Hoy
Born - February 10 , 1798

Henry Had 5 Wives


Sister - Maria "Sarah" Salome (Hoy) Gerhard

Born - January 2, 1800

Husband - Heinrich Henry Gerhard


Brother - William F. Hoy

Born - December 16, 1804

Wife - Sarah Ann Hoy


Brother - Johann "John" N. Hoy

Born - December 20, 1805

Wife - Sarah (Kimmel ) Hoy



  Father - Phillip (Heu) Hoy 

Mother - Anna Maria (Gilbert) Hoy



Grandfather -Johann Albrecht Hoy

Grandmother - Susanna Snevely Hoy



Great - Grandfather - Johann Carle (Hoy)

Great - Grandmother - Maria Eva (Schaurer) Hoy



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