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George Hoy

Born - June 6,1802

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

Married - About 1826 - Pennsylvania

Died  - July 9, 1884

Fairfield County, Ohio

Buried - July 12, 1884

Glick / Brick Church / Hoy Cemetery

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Aged - 82 Years, 1 Month and 3 Days





Death Notice



George Hoy died on July 9, 1884 in Lithopolis, Fairfield

County, Ohio, at age 82.


Mr. Hoy, one of the oldest and most prominent citizens of

Lithopolis, died Wednesday morning. Mr. Hoy has been

confined to his room for over a year the effects of a fall

and paralytic stroke.


He was buried in Glick/Brick Church/Hoy Cemetery,

Bloom, Township, Fairfield County, Ohio 





George Hoy



The death of George Hoy on the 9th of July, near the

Glick's church takes from our midst one of the oldest

inhabitants, and most respected and esteemed

Christian gentleman.


Father Hoy was born in Northumberland County,

Pennsylvania, June 6, 1802. Early in life he moved

to Lockport, New York. After living there a short

time, he came west and settled in Wayne County,

Ohio. In 1836 or 1837 he moved to Lithopolis, and

in 1840 moved on the farm where he died, after

a residence of 44 years, following his wife after a

lapse of only months. He was married before he

left Pennsylvania, and was the father of 8 children,

4 of whom are still living and were present at the

funeral. There are 23 grandchildren and 6 great



Early in life he united with the Reformed Church

in Pennsylvania and remained a faithful and

consistent member of the same until his death. His

life stretches over 3/4 of a century, and he has

witnessed all the grand advancements of our country.

All the great inventions have been wrought out

during his lifetime. He was a laborer when men

gathered all their grain with a little hand sickle and

threshed it with the flail. And great indeed was the

change as he looked out upon the vast fields of

ripened grain and saw the self binder performing

its wonders. And so it was in all departments of life.


He had reached the advanced age of 82 years, 1 month,

and 3 days. His funeral occurred at the Glick Church,

attended by a very large concourse of friends and

relatives. The funeral services were conducted by

his Pastor, A. Henry and Reverend Jas. Heffley.

The burial was made in the graveyard cemetery.


He died in Fairfield County, Ohio, and his wife was

Lydia Kieffer Hoy.



Obituary of George Hoy Courtesy of Louise Baden








Wife - Lydia (Kieffer) Hoy

 Born - May 3, 1809 

Northampton (later Lehigh) County, Pennsylvania

Baptized -  June 4,  1809

 Friedens's Church, Upper Saucon Township,

 Northampton County, Pennsylvania

 Died - January 14, 1883  

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Buried - Glick / Brick Church / Hoy Cemetery

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Aged - 73 Years, 8 Months and 11 Days

Lydia's Parents - George & Elizabeth (Fink) Kieffer

To This Union 8 Children Were Born



On the September 10, 1850 Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio Census,

George Hoy (49-PA) is living with his wife Lydia (41-PA)

and their children: John (20-PA), Jacob (18-PA),

Mary E., (14-NY) ,  Lyde Ann (12-NY),

Nathaniel (7-OH) and Sarah C., (5-OH)


On the June 5, 1860 Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio Census, in Dwelling #54

George Hoy (58-Farmer-PA) is living with his wife, Lydia (51-PA)

and their children, Lydia A., (23-NY) and Nathaniel (16-OH).

Also residing with them is David Keefer (13-PA).


Living next door to George & Lydia, in Dwelling #55,

 is John Hoy (30-Lawyer-PA) with his wife, Mary (24-OH)

and their children, Monroe (2-OH) and William G., (1-OH, But Could be PA).

Also residing with them is Catherine Shride (21-OH, But Could be PA)


Also on this same Census In Dwelling #52 is Isaac Hoy (46-Farmer-) and his wife, Meary (43)

and their children, Abram (21), Isaac (19), Jacob (17), Sarah (11), John (9) and Lydia (6).

and residing with them is Swander Lehr (18).

This census lists all of these people being born in OHIO,

which If you look at the rest of the Census,

should actually be Pennsylvania.


Note: Dwelling #53 is Reportedly "Unoccupied"



Son - John Hoy

Born - December 6, 1829

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

Wife - Mary Ann (Shride) Hoy


Son - Jacob Hoy

Born - August 31,1831

Wife - Sarah (Schofstall) Hoy


Daughter - Mary E. (Hoy) Custer 

Born - April 2, 1834

Possibly Lockport, Niagara County, New York

Husband - John C. Custer


Daughter - Lydia Ann Hoy

Born - September 1836

Possibly Lockport, Niagara County, New York

Died - 1907 - Ohio

Buried - Hoy (Shunk) Cemetery,

Henry County, Ohio

(Note: In the 1880 Census, "Annie" is 43 years of age,

and living with George & Lydia, next door to Nathaniel)


Son - Nathaniel Hoy
Born - September 14, 1843

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

Wife - Zelda Ann (Williamson) Hoy


Daughter - Sarah Catherine Hoy

Born - April 7, 1845 - Ohio

Died - January 8, 1855

Buried - Glick - Hoy Memorial Cemetery,

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio


Baby Boy Hoy - Born 1846

Died - September 20, 1846


Baby Boy Hoy - Born - 1848

Died - January 9, 1848

Both Babies are Buried - Glick - Hoy Cemetery

Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio


Father - John Adam Hoy

Mother  - Barbara Hoy

Grandfather  - Johann Philip (Heu) Hoy

(Philip Hoy )

Grandmother  - Barbara Hoy

Great Grandfather  - Johann Carl (Heu) Hoy

Great Grandmother - Maria Eva (Schaurer) Hoy


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