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 Jesse David Hoy

Born - March 19, 1877

Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio

Married - February 20, 1902

Died - May 9, 1941

Spink County, South Dakota








Jesse David Hoy was born o March 19, 1877, in

Harrison Township, Henry County, Ohio, and passed

away on May 9, 1941, at his home after an illness

of five months at the age of sixty-four years, one month,

and twenty days.


He was the son of Reverend Samuel and Malinda

Hoy. His father was an Evangelical minister in

Ohio and South Dakota.


In October, 1882, Mr. Hoy moved with his parents to

southern Spink County, Dakota Territory. Here he

grew to manhood, and upon completion of his

education became a teacher in the public schools,

serving in that capacity from 1898 to 1902.


On February 20, 1902, he was united in marriage to

Flora Bixler. In 1905, they moved to their present

location in Spink County. Five children were born

to this union: Edith and Ivan of Sweet Home, Oregon,

Raymond of Lebanon, Oregon, and Orville of

Washington, D. C. Also, there are two grandchildren;

Patricia Lou and Barbara Flo of Sweet Home. One

child preceded him in death.


Mr. Hoy was a member of a family of eleven children.

His brothers John W. Silas, Charles H., Samuel A.,

and George W., have preceded him in death, and

surviving his demise are three sisters and two brothers;

Mrs. Frank Richard, Lebanon, Oregon, Mrs. Ida East

and Mrs. Leslie Haskin of Brownsville, Oregon,

Wiley L., of Great Bend, North Dakota, and

Harry G., of Portland, Oregon.


Mr. Hoy was a Dakota pioneer, having resided within

the boundaries of the state fifty-nine years.


He was an active participant in the promotion and

support of the various community enterprises.


He was a devoted member of the Rockwood Union

Sunday School and a keen student of the Bible.

He followed the Golden Rule in his daily living and

association with his fellowmen. The generosity and

kindness extended to his family was also felt by

all those who knew him.


"Tis not so much what we attain,

But, did we do our best

With all the things at our command?

This is the final test."

-E. Rowe-


"I know not where His islands lift

Their fronded palms in air;

I only know I cannot drift

Beyond His love and care."




Obituary Courtesy of Louise Baden





Wife - Flora Bell (Bixler) Hoy

 Born - November 29,1884

Spink County, South Dakota

Died - August 4,. 1972

Linn County, Oregon

Flora's Parents - J. B. and Edith B. Bixler

To This Union 4 Children Were Born



Daughter - Edith R. Hoy

Born - January 3, 1903

Spink County, South Dakota


Son - Ivan Hoy

Born - 1905

Spink County, South Dakota


Son - Raymond Hoy

Born - 1908

Spink County, South Dakota


Son - Orville Bixler Hoy 

Born - June 23, 1910

Spink County, South Dakota

Died - November 28, 1997

Albany, Linn County, Oregon



Brother - John Wesley Hoy

Born -April 20, 1857 - Ohio

Married - November 14, 1877

Died - November 1, 1922

Spink, South Dakota

Wife - Estelle (McCune) Hoy


Brother - Silas W. Hoy -

Born - January1860 - Ohio

Died - April 1922 -

Albany, Oregon


Brother - Charles Henry Hoy

Born - March1864 - Ohio

Died - 1930

Lebanon, Oregon


Brother - Samuel Alvin Hoy

Born - October 30, 1866

Wife - Blanche (Cadwell) Hoy


Sister - Clara (Hoy) Richards

Born - September 9, 1867 - Ohio

Married - 1887

Died - February 6, 1947

Newport, Oregon

Husband - Frank Richards


Brother - Wiley Leander Hoy

Born - February 27, 1870

Wife - Isabelle (McGaffin) Hoy


Sister -Ida V. (Hoy) East

Born  - February 1871 - Ohio

Married - 1897

Residence in 1900 - Cedar, Missoula County, Montana

Died - 1948 - Newport, Oregon

Husband - Clark East

Born - December 1870 - Michigan


Brother - George Washington Hoy

Born - April 28, 1874

Wife - Minnie Gertrude (Richard) Hoy


Brother - Harry Garfield Hoy

Born - May 5, 1879

Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio

Died - December 13,1962

Portland, Oregon

Wife - Meta (Boebel) Hoy


Sister - Lillian Grace (Hoy) Haskins

Born - May1881 - Ohio

Died - November 1963

Newport, Oregon

Husband - Leslie Haskins


Father - Samuel Hoy

Mother - Malinda (Imler) Hoy

Grandfather - David Hoy

Grandmother - Hannah (Ritter) Hoy 

Great -Grandfather - Daniel J. Hoy

Great - Grandmother - Magdalena (Mollie) Eyer Hoy

 Great - Great Grandfather - Johann Phillip (Heu) Hoy

(Phillip Hoy )

 Great - Great Grandmother - Barbara Hoy

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