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Samuel Alvin Hoy

Born - October 30, 1866

Adrian, Seneca County, Ohio

Married - November 26, 1902

Ellsworth, Kannapolis, Kansas

Died - February 12, 1938

Groton, Brown County, South Dakota





S.A. Hoy Expires of Heart Failure


Groton Man's Death Shocks Community

Funeral on Wednesday



Groton community was thrown into profound sorrow

and shock last Saturday afternoon when it was

learned that S. A. Hoy, a prominent farmer and for

25 years identified with the business life of the city,

had expired from a heart attack while doing chores on his

farm east of town. Mr. Hoy was alone at the time, since

Mrs. Hoy was in Groton. The body was found by

George Van De Brake who when to the Hoy farm

to help him with his duties. It was found partially within

the barn where he passed away when the fatal attack

struck him.




Mr. Hoy was born at Adrian, Ohio, October 30, 1865,

and came to South Dakota in 1882, settling near La Delle.

He was married November 26, 1902, to Miss Blanche
Cadwell, the ceremony taking place at Ellsworth, Kansas.

Four children were born to this union and all of them

are survivors.


Mr. Hoy came to Groton in 1912 and acquired a junior

partnership in the farm of H. W. Cassels & Company,

and this organization flourished for the greater part of

twenty-five years, when it was dissolved about two

years ago. Then Mr. Hoy went back to his favorite

calling -- farming -- and retired to his acres east of town.

He also was an extensive owner of Spink county land.




Mr. Hoy came to South Dakota when 17 years of age

with his parents, and he continued his education

in the schools of Spink county. In 1887, at the age

of 21 years, he began his career as teacher in the

public schools of Spink county, proving successful

from the start, and continued to follow his profession

for thirteen years, at the expiration of which,

in 1900, he was elected to the office of superintendent

of schools of Spink county, and served in this

capacity for four years, being re-elected in 1902.

His regime as county superintendent resulted in

admirable good being accomplished for the cause

of education through the confidence he inspired in

teachers and hearty cooperation given him by the

people in his jurisdiction.


At the conclusion of his administration as county

superintendent he went into business in Spink county, being one of a partnership of three who engaged in the general mercantile business in Spink county. He was associated with his brother, Charles and a Mr. Moriarity. The deceased successfully managed the business

for a number of years.




Mr. Hoy is survived by his wife and four sons in the

immediate family, besides several brothers and sisters.

The sons are Ed, of Rapid City; Al, of Redfield;

John, who is serving his second or third hitch in the navy,

and Roger of Groton. The brother are Wiley of North Dakota; Jesse of Hitchcock, South Dakota;

 and Harry of Portland, Oregon.

 Four other brothers passes away previously.

Three sisters also survive him. They are Mrs. Clara

Richards of Lebanon, Oregon; Mrs. Ida East and

Mrs. Lillian Haskins of Brownville, Oregon.


The Funeral was held from the Methodist church,

Wednesday afternoon at 2:30. The services were

conducted by Reverend L. C. Benson, and the

remains were laid to rest in Groton cemetery.



Obituary Courtesy of Louise Baden





Wife - Blanche (Cadwell) Hoy

Born - October 13, 1873

Malta, Illinois

Died - October 10, 1939

Groton, South Dakota

To This Union 4 Sons Were Born



Blanche's Father - Simon Cadwell

Born - June 21, 1839

Died - January 9, 1912


Blanche's Mother - Rosma Lavina (Bell) Cadwell

Born - December 29, 1843

Died - March 13, 1923



Son - Edward Aaron Hoy

Born - December 27, 1904

Redfield, South Dakota

Marriage -  October 19, 1934

 Rapid City, South Dakota

Died -  October 10, 1939

 Andover, South Dakota

Wife - Edith Pearl (Slaughter) Turner Hoy

Born - November 21, 1900

Died - August 10, 1989

Monterey, California

Edith Pearl's 1st Husband - Leslie Elmer Turner 


Son - Alvin Cadwell Hoy

Born -  July 6, 1906

 Redfield, South Dakota

Died - September 1976

Jefferson, Greene County. Iowa

Wife - Hazel F. (Valentine) Hoy

Born - July 2, 1904

Died - June 1981

Jefferson, Greene County. Iowa


Son - John Hoy

Military Branch of  Service - Navy


Son - Roger W. Hoy - 1909



Brother - John Wesley Hoy

Born -April 20, 1857 - Ohio

Wife - Estelle (McCune) Hoy


Brother - Silas William Hoy

Born - January 6,1861 - Ohio

Died - April 17, 1922

Albany, Linn County, Oregon

Buried - April 19, 1922, Riverside Cemetery

Albany, Linn County, Oregon


Brother - Charles Henry Hoy

Born - March 5,1864 - Ohio

Died - February 1, 1930

Lebanon, Oregon

Buried - I.O.O.F. Cemetery

Lebanon, Linn County, Oregon


Sister - Clara (Hoy) Richard

Born - September 9, 1867 - Ohio

Married - 1887

Died - February 6, 1947

Newport, Oregon

Husband - Frank C. Richard


Brother - Wiley Leander Hoy

Born - February 27, 1870

Wife - Isabelle (McGaffin) Hoy


Daughter -Ida V. (Hoy) East

Born  - February 1871 - Ohio

Married - 1897

Residence in 1900 - Cedar, Missoula County, Montana

Died - 1948 - Newport, Oregon

Husband - Clark East

Born - December 1870 - Michigan


Brother - George Washington Hoy

Born - April 28, 1874

Wife - Minnie Gertrude (Richard) Hoy


Brother - Jesse David Hoy

Born - March 19, 1877

Wife - Flora Bell (Bixler) Hoy


Brother - Harry Garfield Hoy

Born - May 5, 1879

Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio

Died - December 13,1962

Portland, Oregon

Wife - Meta (Boebel) Hoy


Daughter - Lillian Grace (Hoy) Haskins

Born - May1881 - Ohio

Died - November 1963

Newport, Oregon

Husband - Leslie Haskins



Father - Samuel Hoy

Mother - Malinda (Imler) Hoy



Grandfather - David Hoy

Grandmother - Hannah (Ritter) Hoy 



Great -Grandfather - Daniel J. Hoy

Great - Grandmother - Magdalena (Mollie) Eyer Hoy



 Great - Great Grandfather - Johann Phillip (Heu) Hoy

(Phillip Hoy )

 Great - Great Grandmother - Barbara Hoy


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