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Grave Stone of

Anna Sophia (Stadtler) Eltiste


Dear Anna Sophia,


Your tombstone stands among the rest,

Neglected and alone.

The name and date are chiseled out

On Polished marble stone.

It reaches out to all who care,

It is too late to mourn.

You did not know that I exist.

You died and I was born.

Yet each of us are cells of you,

In flesh, in blood, in bone.

One blood contracts and beats a pulse,

Entirely not our own.


Dear Anna Sophia,


The place you filled, So many years ago.

Spreads out among the ones you left,

Who would have loved you so.

I wonder if you lived and loved.

I wonder if you knew.

That someday I would find this spot.

And come to visit you.




Anna Sophia (Stadtler) Eltiste

Born - July 8 ,1854


Married -1872

Burgsalach, Bavaria, Germany

Died - October 5, 1880

Family Home - Near Cook, Nebraska

Buried - Schacht Cemetery East of Cook, Nebraska

The Cemetery is Located 2 Miles North,

2 Miles East, ½Mile North and ¼Mile West  of Cook, in the Middle  of  a Farm Field.......

it has been Deserted for Many Years 


Daughter - Christina (Eltiste) Smith

Born - February 12, 1873

Burgsalach, Bavaria, Germany


Son - August Christian Eltiste

Born - February 19, 1878

Family Home - Near Cook, Nebraska


Husband - Friederich Paul Eltiste


Father - J. George Herman Stadtler

Mother - Anna Sophia (Hermann) Stadtler


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