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Russell Allen Eltiste Jr.


Russell Eltiste JR.


Russell Allen Eltiste Jr.

Born  - June 14,1970


Wife - Chris Eltiste




Lewiston back makes

The most of his chances


Russ Eltiste had made the most of each of his rushes this year.

The Lewiston senior running back has averaged just 10 carries per game through 10 games this season, but each time he runs with the ball, he’s apt to get a first down. Eltiste averages 11.5 yards per carry.

That didn’t charge much in the Tigers 52-20 victory over Johnson-Brock in the first round of the Nebraska football playoffs Wednesday.


Eltiste rushed for 84 yards on eight carries, caught a pair of passes and averaged 43 yards on three punt returns. The net result for Lewiston was a 61 yard punt return for a touchdown, a 17 yard touchdown catch from quarterback Neil Trout, scoring runs of 32 and 3 yards and a pair of two-point conversions. For that performance, Eltiste is honored as the Extra Point Athlete of the Week.


“He’s got speed, but there are a lot of players as fast as he is,” said Lewiston Coach Neil Woofter. “But he has a knack for using his speed and still be able to run through a tackle or two. It takes a real good tackle to bring him down.”


“It’s hard telling what he could do if he got the ball 25 or 30 times a game. But our offense is such that we’re not going to give the tailback that many carries.”


The Lewis I-formation offense features Eltiste, Trout and fullback Jeff Thomas, who has rushed for more than 600 yards this year.


“Trout’s 32 yard touchdown run (in the playoff game) is proof that you can’t ignore him,” Woofter said. “When you have three weapons, it’s effective, but we still run some power football if that’s what they give us.”


“When people try to take the pitch away from us, they leave the middle open. And when they defend that, it gives Russ a chance to break one on the outside.”


Eltiste’s 1,092 regular-season yards broke the school single-season rushing record by four yards. That was the only individual goal Eltiste set for himself this year. Instead, he has concentrated on team performance and that’s why he credits his line.


“The line does all the blocking and don’t get any of the credit,” he said. “I couldn’t do it without them. Kevin Coudeyras is one of the best blocking and receiving split ends around.”


The others in the Lewiston offensive line are tight end Kevin Reiman, center, Jimmy Earnhardt, guards Chad Heath and Kent Coudeyras and tackle Todd Tegtmeier.


Spelling Eltiste in the backfield is his cousin, Doug Eltiste, who scored a pair of touchdowns against Johnson-Brock. He opened the game with a 76 – yard kickoff return and later had an 11-yard TD run when Russ was on the sidelines with leg cramps.

“I backed up to field a punt and they both cramped up,” Russ said. “I let that one go in the end zone and then just had to walk off the cramps.”


Eltiste plays left cornerback on defense, but is happy the line and linebackers have taken care of things most of the season.


“I don’t get many tackles and that’s fine. Let the line handle it,” he said. “Playing defense keeps me loosened up and on my toes.”

Lincoln Journal Star

November 6, 1987



Step-Daughter - Taylor Dudley

Daughter - Courtney Eltiste

Daughter - Mackenzie Eltiste



Sister - Nicole Ane Louise (Eltiste) Straka



Father - Russell Allen Eltiste

Mother - Carolyn Louise (Behrends) Eltiste


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