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Goering Family


Goering Family Coat of Arms


George Johann Goering Jr.

Born - Monday, March 10, 1879 

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Married - Wednesday, October 5, 1904

Johnson County, Nebraska

Died - Friday, August 6,1926

Goering Homestead, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Johnson Cemetery

Nemaha County, Nebraska


Signature From World War I - Draft Registration



Goering Family Stone



Johnson Cemetery



Wife - Lena Anna (Boellstoff) Goering

Born - Wednesday, October 31, 1883

Peru, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - Saturday, December 24,1977

Nemaha County Hospital

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Johnson Cemetery

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Father - Frederick Johann Boellstoff

Born - June 1, 1838  ۩ Died - September 4, 1914

Mother - Wilhelmina D. (Kaiser) Boellstoff

Born - October 10, 1848  ۩ Died - January 7, 1921


Aged Johnson

Woman Goes

to reward


Mrs. Wilhelmina D. Boellstorf Who Located near Peru

in the Early  Seventies Lived a Long and Useful Life.


Was a Practical Christian Woman



Wilhelmina D. Kaiser was born on October 1, 1848,

and died January 7, 1921, aged 72 years, 2 months, 28 days.


She was born and reared in the little village of Breman, Germany,

and was united in marriage at that place to Frederick J. Boellstorf

in the year 1874. One year later they came to this country,

settling in Peru, later they moved to a farm near that place where

they lived for a time, then to a farm near Johnson where they lived

until the death of the husband, which took place in 1913, his age

being 76 years, 3 months, and 3 days.


Mrs. Boellstorff was the mother of six children. Lula dying at the

age of seven months. Those living are O. C. Boellstorf, of Johnson,

Lula. the wife of T. B. Sankey, of Elkcreek, Lena, the wife of

Fred Goering, of Johnson, and William Boellstorf with whom she

had made her home since the death of her husband. The children

were all with her during her final sickness.


She is survived by three sisters, two living in Germany, whose

names are Mrs. Robert Guttener and Mrs. Gaut, and

Mrs. Mary Boellstorf of Peru.


The deceased was a Christian woman having been confirmed and

united with the Lutheran church in the old country at the age of

14 years, since which time she has been true to the faith . Of

recent years her health has been such that she has not been able

to take an active part in Christian work.



"We will weep for the day that come no more;

For the sunbeams gone from from the hearth and door;

For a missing step, for a nameless grace;

For a mother's form and a mother's face;

But not for the soul whose crown is won;

Whose infinite joy has only began;

Not for the spirit enrolled in light;

Crowned where angels are tonight."



Nemaha County Herald


January 14, 1921




Johnson Cemetery



Daughter - Frieda E. (Goering) Hahn

Born - July 25, 1905

Family Home Near - Johnson, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Son - Alvin Edwin Goering

Born - Saturday, September 29, 1906

Family Home Near - Johnson, Nemaha County, Nebraska



Brother - Henry Goering

Born - Wednesday, July 25, 1877 - Illinois

Married -  January 5, 1909
Johnson County, Nebraska

Died - 1944
Wife -
Katherine Marie "Mary" (Prill) Goering

Born - September1886 - Nebraska

Parents - John F. & Kate M. Prill


Brother - John Frederick Goering

Born - August 13, 1881 - Nebraska

Married -  October 29, 1907

Johnson County, Nebraska

Died - August 1973

Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska

Wife - Minnie M. (Boellstorff) Goering

Born - 1885 - Nebraska

Parents - Fredrick & Mary M. (Kaiser) Boellstorff


Sister - Emma Barbara (Goering) Hauberg

Born - September 2, 1884

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Husband - Julius Henry Hauberg

Born - December 27, 1881


Brother - Johann Ludwig Goering

Born - July 30, 1885

Died - August 25, 1895

Buried - Johnson Cemetery

Nemaha County, Nebraska


Brother - Louis "Louie" Adolph Goering

Born - August  2,1887

Nemaha County, Nebraska
Wife - Eda Dorothy (Hahn) Goering

Born - September 6, 1886  ۩ Port Byron, Rock Island County, Illinois


Sister - Elizabeth "Lizzie" Marie (Goering) Holtgrewe

Born - December 1, 1889- Nebraska

Husband - Fred Henry Holtgrewe

Born - January 8, 1888 - Missouri


Sister - Katharine "Katie" Goering

Born - March 23, 1892

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - December 15, 1970
Johnson, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Sister - Matilda "Tillie" (Goering) Birkmann

Born - May 1894 - Nebraska

Husband - Edward Herman Birkmann

Born - September 10, 1893  ۩ Franklin County, Missouri


Father - George Goering Sr.

Born -April 2, 1854  ۩ Edenkoben, Germany


Mother - Katherine Emma (Wunder) Goering

Born - May 20, 1859  ۩ Died -  January 21, 1934



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