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Hahn Family ~Coat of Arms

Hahn Family Coat of Arms

Hahn Family Coat of Arms

Hahn Family Coat of Arms

From the Middle High German "han" or "hane" meaning cock or rooster, Hahn was originally a nickname for a proud, cocky individual.

The surname HAHN is of German origin and means Rooster. Spelling variations include: Hahn, Hahnn, Hahen, Hahenn, Haahn, Haahnn and others. First found in Mecklenburg, where the name was closely identified in early mediaeval times with the feudal society which would become prominent throughout European history. Some of the very first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Maria Elizabeth Hahnm who came to Philadelphia in 1738, and who was among the first of many bearers of this name to land in Philadelphia; she was followed by Johanes Hahn in 1739, Domas Hahn in 1746, Jacob Hahn in 1749, and Christian Hahn in 1751; Heinrich Hahne came with others. It is not known if any of these people are relatives of our branch of the Hahn family.

The arms are canting (Hahn = rooster). The arms are not historical, the only known seal of Haan, dating from 1556 shows the patron saint, St. James. It has also been stated that the rooster symbolizes the character of the inhabitants of the city...


Hahn is the 925th Most Popular Name in the United States




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