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Pamela Joy, Ora, Hal Clarke, Kiel Ora,

Kiel, & Lonnie Lee Eltiste


  Veteran - World War IIKiel Eugene Eltiste

Born - July 8, 1918

Ora  Zerline (Torbeck) Eltiste

Born -October 25, 1918


Kiel Ora Eltiste

Born -May 30,1943


 Pamela Joy (Eltiste) Nichols Harbour Muse

Born - March 16, 1948


Lonnie Lee Eltiste

Born - April 2, 1949


Hal Clarke Eltiste

Born - August 15, 1951



Johnson News

Mr. and Mrs. Kiel E. Eltiste went to Lincoln on Saturday afternoon to get acquainted with their new great-grandson, Wyatt Eugene, son of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Nickels, who was born May 4th and weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces.

Wyatt has an older sister Shay to welcome him home.

Mrs. Nickels will be remembered in our area as Krystal Nickels.

Tecumseh Chieftain

May 13, 1999





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