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Remember Our Veterans

Remember Our Veterans - Who Have Served Our Country


Family Members Who Have Served Our Country


Veterans Of The Revolutionary War


Veteran World War IAndreas Daniel

Andrew Daniel


Veteran World War IJohn (Heu) Hoy


Veteran Of The War of 1812


Veteran World War IPhilip Hoy


Veterans Of The Civil War


Veteran of the Civil WarGeorge Emery Dye


Veteran of the Civil WarBenjamin Franklin Hoy



 Veteran of the Civil WarFranklin Hoy


Veteran of the Civil WarJohn R. Hoy


Veteran of the Civil WarJoseph Hoy


Veteran of the Civil WarLevi Hoy


Veteran of the Civil WarPeter Hoy


Veteran of the Civil WarJacob Kissinger


Veterans Of World War I


Veteran World War IElmer Edward Ehlers

Elmer Ehlers


Veteran World War IJohann Fredrick Eltiste

John Eltiste


Veteran World War ILeonard Nichaus Fink

Nick Fink


Veteran World War IJacob Hermanet


Veteran World War IC lair H. Hoy

Clair Hoy


Veteran World War IHoward Harry Hoy

Howard Hoy


Veteran World War IAugust Kaiser


Veteran World War IHerman L. Miller


Veteran World War ILeonard John Frederich Charles Mueller

Leo Miller


Veteran World War IGeorge William Novak

George Novak


Never Forget The Veterans Who Have Served Our CountryVernon Kirlin Rohrs

Vernon Rohrs


Veteran World War IMilton Charles Totman

Milton Totman


Veterans Of World War II


Veteran World War IIArthur Johann Ehm

Awarded The Distinguish Flying Cross Arthur Ehm Awarded the Purple Heart


Veteran World War IIAlfred E. Eltiste

Alfred Eltiste


Veteran World War IIClarence George Eltiste

Clarence Eltiste


Remember The Veterans That Gave Their Lives  Herman Alton Paul Eltiste

Awarded the Bronze StarHerman Eltiste Awarded the Purple Heart


Veteran World War II  Kiel Eugene Eltiste

Kiel Eltiste


Veteran World War II Warren Kenton Eltiste

Kenton Eltiste


Veteran World War IIGlenn Edward Fink

Glenn Fink


Veteran World War IIC lair Daniel Hoy

Clair Hoy


Veteran World War IIDaniel Lewis Hoy

Dan Hoy


Veteran World War IIHarry Schrader Hoy

Awarded the Purple HeartHarry HoyAwarded the Purple Heart


Veteran World War IIRalph Carter Johnson

Ralph Johnson


Veteran World IIEllsworth Heinrich Kaiser

Ellsworth Kaiser


Veteran World IIErwin August Nicolaus Kaiser

Erwin Kaiser


Veteran World War IIHarold John Kaiser

Harold Kaiser


Veteran World War IIHeinrich Hermann Georg Kaiser

Henry "Junior" Kaiser


Veteran World War IIPaul August Kaiser

Gus Kaiser

 Veteran - World War IILawrence Harley Look

Larry Look

Veteran World War IIDonald Earl Miner

Don Miner

Veteran World War IIMarvin Clayton Miner

Marvin Miner


 Veteran - World War IILester W. Oelschlager

Les Oelschlager


Naval Veteran World War IIFredrick Harry Rohrs

Fred Rohrs


Veteran World War IIKenneth Vernon  Rohrs

Awarded the Purple HeartKenneth Rohrs


Veteran World War IIMarshal Laurence Taft

Marshal Taft


Veterans Of  The Korean War


Veteran Korean War  Herman Edward Kaiser

Awarded the Bronze StarEddie Kaiser


Veteran Korean WarCalvin Edward Carl Boethin

Calvin Boethin


Veterans Of  The Vietnam War


Veteran of Viet Nam War Gary Burdette Baker

Gary Baker


Veteran of Viet Nam War - Killed in Action  Richard Howard Boise

Richard Boise


Veterans Of  The Iraq-Gulf War


Remember Our Men Who are Fighting For Our Freedom Gabriel Kaiser Bailey

Gabriel Bailey

Remember our Veterans- Troy Preston Stockman

Troy Stockman



The Unknown Soldier

I have laid down my life for you and for my country.
I ask only that you remember why you have the freedoms that you do.
Men and women have died in battle so that you may live free and without fear.
Mothers and fathers have lost sons and daughters, sons and daughters have lost fathers and mothers.
As you read this wonder why is it so important to remember me.
I am the spirit of this great country.
I am our National Flag, the National Anthem.
I am the military band that plays marches.
I am the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines that parade to that music.
I am guarded day and night, 7 days a week, every day of the year.
I represent millions of men, and women who have died, bleed, and have been disabled for you.
When our National Flag goes by, stand proud and place your hand over your heart.
I will be there with you, proud of you as I am of our flag.
Remember Me!

Pray For Our Men and Women Overseas















Remember Our Veterans



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