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Emma Myra Bodey

Born - December 14,1865

Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania

Married - December 4, 1889

Husband - Lukens G. Hopkins

Divorced - December 4, 1894

Died - January 1953

Buried - Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo,

 Black Hawk County, Iowa

Occupation - School Teacher & Dress Maker









Barclay No. 3 Teacher

in Reunion with Pupils


Cedar Falls - A reunion with eight of her pupils of old Barclay township No.3 school was held recently in Waterloo by one of the oldest teachers

 in this area it is believed.

Miss Emma Bodey, 80, who makes her home at Western Old Peoples Home at Cedar Falls, taught her first term at the Barclay Township School, District No.3, in 1882 and a second term there in 1883.

For most of the former pupils it was the first time they had seen their teacher since their school days.

In telling of her teaching experience, Miss Bodey related how her life was changed almost over-night be a few words spoken in jest.


Boarded With Friends


"The county school superintendent boarded with my parents" she related. "Loren E. Churchill was his name and one evening at super he made the remark that he needed several teachers and didn't know where to turn."

"I was a sophomore at East Waterloo High School. I was just 16 and told Mr. Churchill that I would like to teach. To my surprise, mother stated that she wouldn't mind my teaching if I could remain near home."

Superintendent Churchill was quick to close the bargain and next morning took the rather bewildered young lady to see the director of the Barclay Township School. All she needed to teach was a certificate that she received by the next week. She took her examination in the old courthouse on the banks of the Cedar River and received a second grade certificate.

Probably the biggest change in that one week for the new teacher was changing from short skirts to long dresses. "I was considered a mere child until almost over-night I became a teacher, but that was probably the

quickest growing up any girl ever made on record."

 Miss Bodey related with a smile.

Following a second term at the Barclay school Miss Bodey went to the Normal school at Cedar Falls. She taught school during the winter

and went to Normal

during the spring and summer. One term was spent at the Fox Township School, where most of her pupils were larger than herself

and several much older.


Winters Were Severe


Winters were hard, snow drifts sometimes reaching alarming proportions. One winter at Britt the snowdrifts were as high as the school house, the former teacher said that was the winter of the worst blizzard Iowa had ever known. One county teacher froze to death and Miss Bodey, who insisted upon going to her school in the face of the storm, rode through the sleet and ice and snow upon a horse led by a man who lived nearby.

"I was so frightened of the horse that I rode with my hands in front of me, holding onto the reins with both thumbs straight up." she said. "When we got to the schoolhouse both my thumbs were frozen and while the man built a fire and warned me not to come near, I thawed my thumbs

by rubbing snow on them."

Safe and snug in one of the coziest rooms at the old people's home, Miss Bodey by her conversation shows that her teaching days are still

very vivid to her.

All through the years the former teacher has watched the Waterloo Courier for news of her former pupils. One of her most treasured possessions is an old composition book which holds the name of every child she had ever taught. She has followed the progress of every one.

Their progress was her pleasure and when bad times came to them, unknown by them, she suffered with them. Their sorrow was her sorrow,

 their joy, her joy.


Roster of 1882-1883


At her first term in Barclay Township, which began December 4, 1882, Miss Bodey had 17 pupils; Rosie Ortner - 7, Edward Schmitt - 9, Albert Schmitt - 7, Frank Schmitt - 12, Johnnie Schmitt - 10, Joseph Meier, 6, Willie Schmitt, 11, Josephine Merrill, 12, Mary Meier, 8, Margaret Kress, 9, Barbara Kress, 9, Henry Schmitt, 11,

Mary Schmitt, 12, Frank Schmitt, 14, Anna Hamer, 11, Will Hamer, 9, and Ira Kirchner, 9.


New faces during the summer term of 1883 included, Millie Meier, 7, Eddie Kress, 6, Tillie Brunn, 5, Mile Staebell, 9, Katie Staebell, 6, John Schmitt, 6, John Schmitt, 6.


Winthrop was the last teaching post Miss Bodey held. While there illness overtook her. Overwork and fatigue took their toll and the woman who loved teaching never went back to her profession.


Also Was Dressmaker


Off and on for the next 40 years she did dressmaking. She still does the most exquisite needlework and crocket work and customers clamor for it faster then she can complete each piece.

Her corner room where she has lived for the last 10 years is a bower of loveliness in blue. The walls are hung with oil paintings which she did while at Normal, where she specialized in art.

The frames were all refinished just this last year by her aged fingers, which are so very clever at creating beauty.

Daughter of George and Sarah Bodey, early settlers who came to Waterloo in 1866, where her father was a miller, she told of bad land investments her father made; of the loss of his position and of his taking up carpentry.

 "My father placed the cross on the church steeple in Barclay township."

she related with pride.

As she slowly closed the notebook which told the story of her life she said gently: "Well, I'm the last of my family, and that's my story."

We liked the story.

 Waterloo Sunday Courier

Waterloo, Iowa

September 22, 1946



The Photograph, Hand Written Note, Poem, and Newspaper Article are

all courtesy of Donna Gardiner - Great-Great Granddaughter of George & Sarah (Hoy) Bodey

The Green Floral Back-Round was created  from a photo of a Sachet made by Emma

of the same material used for the Ball Gown referred to in her Poem, which was given

to Donna's mother Ruth, and to this day is

kept as a treasured keepsake, by Donna.

 - January 2007 -



Sister - Ida Mary (Bodey) Churchill Klopp

Born - October 28,1860


Brother - Harry Hoy Bodey

Born - July 13,1870

Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa

Never Married

1910 Census shows Harry as living with his parents

Occupation - Machinist - Cream Separator

Died - January 1, 1913

Mason City, Iowa

Buried - Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo, Iowa


Brother - George Franklin Bodey

Born - February 21, 1872

Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa

Married - September 3, 1896 - Divorced

Occupation - Barber

Note - In the 1930 Census, Frank is 58 years of age, Widowed and

 living by himself  in La Plant, Dewey County, South Dakota

Died - February 25, 1937

Aberdeen, Brown County, South Dakota

Buried - Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo, Iowa

Wife - Jessie B. (Ham) Bodey

Born - October 1874 - Iowa

Note - Jessie's Father was born in New York

 and her mother was born in Canada 



 Father - George Bodey Jr.

Mother - Sarah (Hoy) Bodey


Grandfather - Henry Hoy

Grandmother - Elizabeth Margaretha (Wiltrout) Hoy

  Great - Grandfather - Phillip (Heu) Hoy 

Great - Grandmother - Anna Maria (Gilbert) Hoy




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