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James R. Dye

Born - February 1834

DeRuyter, Madison County, New York

Residence - Thursday, August 25, 1870

Bedford, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Occupation - Farmer

Residence - Tuesday, June 8, 1880 (Ordelia)

Nemaha, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Residence - Wednesday,  June 6 , 1900 (Ordelia)

San Diego, San Diego County, California

Residence - Tuesday, January 6, 1920 (Agnes)

San Diego, San Diego County, California

Died - Sunday, May 22, 1921

His Home, San Diego, California


Pioneer Band Leader Dies In California


James R. Dye Who Located at Nemaha City in 1887, and Was the Pioneer Violist, Musical Instructor, Music Dealer,

Band leader of the Territory Passes Away

Was a Man Who Radiated Sunshine

In the death of James R. Dye at his home at San Diego, California, May 22, there passed away a man who figured very prominently in the early history of Nebraska and Nemaha County, as the pioneer musical instrument dealer and instructor in music.

Mr. Dye more than a half century ago had a fame that extended up and down the Missouri river, from Westport to Omaha, and far inland as an accomplished musician.  He was the organizer and leader of the famous Dye family band, composed of members of his own family, and which made Nemaha City prominent as a musical center in the beginning of things in this state.

James R. Dye was born at De Ruyter, New York, February 1834.  He was received a finished musical education in his native state after which he moved to Wisconsin, and from there came to Nebraska 1857, locating at Nemaha City, where he lived for forty-five years.

Shortly after his arrival here he embarked in the business of merchandising musical instruments and it was through him that many pioneer home home in Nemaha county was furnished with the old-fashioned melodeon, and the struggling churches with their first organs, and aristocracy with their first piano-fortes, and the early day country bands with their first bass drums and brass horns, and the country dance musician with his fiddle.

Mr. Dye was an accomplished musician as was his brother, the late George Dye, and the members of their families formed a band which was noted in the early day for their musical culture and their proficiency as a family band.  None of the early picnics social, political or patriotic gatherings were complete without the attendance and performance of this band, which had a profound cultural effect on the community life, not only of Nemaha County, but the whole of southeastern Nebraska.

Because of the prominence of the band, and the talents of James Dye, he became one of the best known men in the early days of the state. Because of his genial and happy nature, his friendship was enjoyed and he was extremely popular.

After the marriage of their daughters Mrs. E. M. Boyd and Mrs. E.C. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Dyes moved to San Diego, California, where they created a new home that was perfect temple of gracious hospitality for

their old Nebraska friends and a show place for visitors from all parts of the world. This was the famous "Dye Villa" with its wonderful

arboreal decorations, its beautiful flowers and its aviary with a marvelous collection of singing birds. This beautiful home reflected in a most happy way the genus and versatility as well as the love of the

beautiful of James Dye. 

Persons from Nemaha county who visited California would make it a point to drip in on the Dye's at their home and the register that was kept

was almost like the roster of Nebraska.

Mr. Dye had been in poor health for some time. He is survived by his wife, Agnes B. Dye, and his daughter, Mrs. E. M. Boyd, of Auburn and Mrs. E. C. Mitchell of San Diego. Mrs. Boyd has been at San Diego for some time recuperating her health.

The passing of James R. Dye will cause sadness in the ranks of the pioneers, not only of Nemaha county, but of the entire southeastern part of the state. He was a man who radiated sunshine, and whose greatest happiness in life was to develop and devote all the talents that were in him to promoting the happiness and pleasure of others. He late brother, George Dye, for many hears a loved and honored resident of Auburn, possessed the same characteristics.


Nemaha County Herald


June 3, 1921



1st Wife - Mary Dye

Born - 1838 - New York

Died - 1868/1869 - Nebraska


Daughter -  Florence J. (Dye) Hadden

 Born - March 1868 - Wisconsin

Married - 1898

Husband - John Hadden

Born - June 1872 - Ireland



2nd Wife - Ordelia (Baldwin) Dye

Born - Sunday, December 4, 1836 - New York

Married - 1866

Died - Tuesday, September 20, 1910  - California

73 Years  9 Months  16 Days

Father - William D. Baldwin

Born - February 3, 1808

Died - February 3, 1858   Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Buried - Palmyra City Cemetery, Palmyra, Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Mother - Emiline (Cotton) Baldwin

Born -  March 19, 1813

Died - October 12, 1887  Jefferson County, Wisconsin


Daughter - Ann "Annie" (Dye) Boyd

Born - Monday, February 29, 1864 - New York

Married- Tuesday, October 27, 1891

Died - Tuesday, November 8, 1921

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Saturday, November 12, 1921

Sheridan Cemetery

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Section-8   Lot-807   Row-7

57 Years   8 Months   10 Days



Mrs. Anna Boyd Succumbs

 To a Long Illness

She Was Born at Brownville and was a Member of One of the Noted Pioneers Families of the County

Was a Most devoted Wife and Mother


Mrs. Anna Boyd, wife of Edward M. Boyd, passed away at the

family home in this city at 6:15 o'clock, Tuesday evening.  Her death marked the end of a very long illness, during which her many friends continued to hope that the malady which assailed her, might yet be conquered and that she might be spared for many years of useful life. That such should not be the case, brought sorrow to the hearts of all and her passing is mourned deeply by all who know her and valued at their

true worth all her fine womanly qualities.


The deceased, who was born in Brownville, February 29, 1864, was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Dye, pioneer residents of the county. Her youth was spent in Brownville and on a farm near Nemaha. The Dye family was a family of musicians and had a large part in the laying of the foundation for the splendid degree of musical culture which exists in this community at the present time. James Dye organized the first band in the county, and a concert company composed entirely of members of the

Dye family gained wide popularity because of the fine quality of their music. The deceased shared fully in the talent which distinguished the family, and her home advantages were supplemented by a course at the Chicago conservatory of music and she developed into a pianist of marked abilities.  Upon returning to Nemaha county she engaged in teaching music for a number of years with fine success.


On October 27, 1891, she was united in marriage to Mr. E. M.

Boyd in this city. Until recent years when her health began to fail

Mrs. Boyd had a very large part in the social and cultural life

of the community. She was an active and devout member of the

Episcopal church and her Christian life was very beautiful. As

a charter member of the Mental Culture club she brought into

the club work inspiration of intellectual attainment and earnestness of purpose and the co-operation in promoting the aims of the club

was of inestimable value to her fellow workers.


To her three sons she was a most devoted mother. She gave to

them all that the best of maternal influence can give making

freely all the sacrifices and bestowing upon them all the devotion

that exemplifies mother love in its highest form. She was spared

to see the two older sons making for themselves marks of

distinction in the world of men and the youngest started along

the path that had been followed by their brothers. These sons are

Robert Boyd, a civil engineer and graduate of Princeton and

now employed by the Department of Public Works in the

development of highway projects; Edward Boyd, a graduate

of Yale and now attending Columbia Law School, and Carson

Boyd, who is a student at Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg,

Pennsylvania, where both his brothers were prepared for

college. Besides her husband and three sons, Mrs. Boyd is

survived by one half sister, Mrs. Eleanor Mitchell, of San

Diego, California.


About two years ago the condition of Mrs. Boyd's health

became such that it was thought that a change of climate

might be of permanent benefit, so she went to San Diego,
California, to be with her father, James Dye at Dye Villa,

one of the show places of San Diego. For a time it appeared

as though the hopes for results would be attained, but

the benefits were early but temporary and finally the

death of her father, which occurred about six months ago,

so effected her that it became evident that there could be

but little hope for an improvement and two months ago

she was brought back to her home in Auburn. Here among

those who had known and loved her for so many years;

among the associations which had been hers since childhood,

she passed away.


In the hour of sorrow, the members of the family have the

deep sympathy of friends. She will not be forgotten, for her

life was not of the kind that ends when the eyes close and the

heart ceased to function and the last breath is drawn. She will

live in the memory of husband and children and friends,

and may the memory of her life well lived be to them all a

source of consolation, which shall rest upon their aching

hearts like a benediction and bring to their sorrowing spirits

that peace which the world cannot give.


The funeral services will be held from the Episcopal church

at 10:30 o'clock, Saturday morning and interment

will be in Sheridan cemetery.


Nemaha County Herald


November 11, 1921




Husband - Edward M. Boyd

Born - May 4, 1857  ۩ Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Died - November 24, 1924

Buried -Sheridan Cemetery  ۩ Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Section-8   Lot-807   Row-7

Father - Robert James Boyd

Born - October 2, 1892   ۩  Nebraska
Died - 1951  ۩ Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried -Sheridan Cemetery  ۩ Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Mother - Gwendolyn (White) Boyd

Born - July 23, 1893   ۩  Otoe County, Nebraska
Died - February 20, 1982   ۩ Escondido, San Diego County, California

Buried -Sheridan Cemetery  ۩ Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska



Death Calls Banker

From Active Life

Edward M. Boyd Passed Away

at Lincoln Sanitarium - Monday Morning

After Long Illness

Passing Marks End of Useful Life and Brings Deep Sorrow


Edward M. Boyd, passed away at the Lincoln Sanitarium at 9:45 o'clock

Monday morning. When Mr. Boyd first became ill some six months ago

he was taken to the Sanitarium where it was confidently expected that

with proper care and treatment his health would be restored and he

would be able to resume once more his life of activity and usefulness

in this community. During the long months that followed, every recourse

known to medical science was resorted to in his behalf and to this

was added the most tender of nursing and care, but the malady from

which he suffered gradually encroached upon his strength and there

came a time when his strong constitution could no longer hold its own;

when his remarkable vitality was no longer equal to the demands

made upon it and then the long fight was over and a life of real

usefulness had reached its end.


During his long illness the friends in the community where so many of

the years of his life had been passed and where he had exerted so strong

on influence along many lines, never ceased to hope that he might be

spared and that he might come back to again take up the life work

which he had been compelled by illness to lay aside. It was with

the sincerest sorrow, therefore, that they learned that their

hopes had been in vain and that it was only the inanimate form

that was to be returned to them.


In every community there are certain outstanding men - men to whom

others naturally look for leadership and counsel. Such a position

cannot be attained by personal effort - it comes with the natural

development of inherent trait of character. Such a man was

Edward M. Boyd.


The deceased was born in Upton, Franklin county, Pennsylvania,

May 4, 1857 and was the son of Robert J. Boyd, whose birth

had occurred at the same place.  His ancestors were among

the early settlers of Pennsylvania and many of them had filled

prominent places in the affairs of the commonwealth and had

been leaders when leadership was most needed in the building

up and developing of that wide expanse of territory that was

afterwards to become one of the greatest of the states of the
Union. It was from such an ancestry that he inherited those

strong traits of character that were to to manifest themselves

in his own life work. He grew to young manhood at the place

of his birth, and was educated at Mercersburg college,

where he graduated with the class of 1879. He prepared

himself for the practice of law and was admitted to the

bar of Franklin county, Pennsylvania.


In the spring of 1882 he came to Auburn and that same

year was admitted to the bar here. He soon afterwards

became identified with the Carson National bank, of which

institution he was president at the time of his death.

His knowledge of the law as well as of every detail of the

banking business enabled him to fill a place of usefulness,

not only to the bank but to the community as a whole.

He had a keen analytical mind and sound judgment and

was conservative and painstaking in all that he did.  Men

in all walks of life came to him for advise and relied upon

his judgment, and there is no way of estimating the value of

help that he has given and the assistance he has rendered

in the solution of business and other problems. He had a

deep interest in all that had to do with community welfare

and could be depended upon to council wisely those who

would promote anything worth while. It is often the case with

those whose natures are intensely practical that they have

in them no sentiment, but not so with Mr. Boyd. He was a lover of

the beautiful , whether he found it in literature, in nature or

as a gem of purest ray serene in the heart of a friend. He

could lay aside the burdens of his business activity and talk

freely of those things that give to life beauty and charm

and romance. He was kind hearted and generous but his was

that type of charity that lets not the left hand know what the

right hand doeth. He was a man of great personal dignity, calm

and self possessed and went about his life work without

ostentation or display. He never sought the plaudits and

aggrandizements that appeal to so many, but was content that

those things which he achieved might speak for himself. As

friend, counselor and kindly associate he will be missed

and mourned.


Mr. Boyd was a thirty-second degree Mason and held in close

observance that principles of the order. To him fraternity

meant real brotherhood - the brotherhood of service. He had

held high places in the order at of which he had filled with

dignity and credit. He was also associated with the

I.O.O.F., A.O.U.W., the B.P.O.E., and other fraternal organizations.


His religious convictions found expression through membership,.

In the Episcopal church. Here, as in every other activity his

relationship was marked by deep loyalty and he found

therein not only those things necessary to his spiritual needs,

but a means of real and vital service to others.


Mr. Boyd was married October 27, 1891 to Miss Anna

Dye who passed away November 8, 1921. He is survived,

however by three sons, Robert, a civil engineer associated

with the Department of Public Works of Nebraska, Edward Boyd,

an attorney connected with a prominent law firm in New York

City and Carson, a student at Yale. The sons have come to

Auburn to be present at the funeral of their father. His

surviving sister, Mrs. Estella Angle of Upton, Pennsylvania,

and his brother, John U. Boyd of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania,

reached Lincoln a short time before his death and will also

be present at the funeral. He is also survived by his brother,

 Robert C. Boyd of Auburn. To these as well as to all other

members of the family the sincere sympathy of the people

of the community is extended.


The funeral services will be held at 10 o'clock Friday morning

from the Episcopal church, with services conducted by the

Rev. L. D. Smith; of Nebraska City. The interment will be

in Sheridan cemetery.


Nemaha County Herald


November 28, 1924




Daughter - Eleanor "Nora" O. (Dye)  Mitchell

Born - Wednesday, February 7, 1872

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Married -1917

Died - Tuesday,  June 21, 1955

Los Angeles, California

83 Years  4 Months  14 Days

Remember Our VeteransHusband - Edmund Clark Mitchell

Born -  June 24, 1872  ۩ Maryland

Died - September 14, 1948  ۩ San Diego, California



3rd Wife - Agnes B. (Gentleman) Dye

Born - 1868 - Scotland

(Naturalized 1873)



Sister - Julia Dye

Died - At 12 Years of Age

 Seneca, Cattaraugus County, New York


Brother - William Henry Dye

Born - April1831 - New York

Occupation - Harness-Maker

 Residence in 1880,1895, 1900, 1905 Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa

Wife - Maria Anna Dye

Born - November 1840 - England

 Married - 1865

Children: Has a Daughter and One Son

Daughter - Luella M. Dye

Born - September 1871 - Nebraska

Son - Edward H. Dye

Born - August 1872 - Nebraska

Occupation - Musician 


Brother - Nathan P. Dye

Born - 1833 - New York

Per Brother George Dye's Obituary in 1916,

Nathan died in Nemaha county, Nebraska, in the prime of life

Occupation in 1920 - Apartment Landlord

Died - Prior to July 1916

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Wife - Minerva Dye

Born - 1836 - New York


Sister - Mary E. (Dye) Dye

Mary E. married a cousin by the name of Dye,

both being deceased Before July 1916, and they left one daughter


Brother- George Emery Dye

Born - Thursday, August 6, 1839

Yates County, New York

Wife - Mary E. (Grant) Dye

Born - March 22,1848

Jefferson County, Wisconsin


Brother - Charles L. Dye

Died - At 4 Years of Age



Father - Reverend William Henry Dye

Mother -Ann (Bailey) Dye


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