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Jackson Family ~Coat of Arms

Jackson Family Coat Of Arms

Origin: English Coat of Arms: Silver with a
black chevron on which there are three gold
trefoils or shamrocks between three black eagles heads.

Crest: A silver horse with droplets of blood.

Motto: Malo mori quam foedari.
(meaning "I would rather die than be dishonored")

Chevron: Protection; Builders or others who
have accomplished some work of faithful service.

Trefoil or Shamrock: Perpetuity.

Eagle: Person of noble nature, strength,
bravery,and alertness; or one who is
high-spirited, ingenious, quick-witted, and
judicious; True magnanimity and strength of mind

Cristina Marie (Durman) Jackson

Cris Jackson

Jackson is the 13th Most Popular Name in the United States




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