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Jackson Family ~Coat of Arms

Jackson Family Cot of Arms

Origin of Name ~ English

Spelling variations include: Jackson, Jaccson, Jacson, Jacksone, Jackston and others.

First found in Northumberland, where the Jackson family was seated from early times.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: John, Margaret, Robert and Henry Jackson, who all settled in Boston, Massachusetts in 1635, Abram Jackson, who arrived in Virginia in 1667, Ann Jackson, who immigrated to Maryland in 1744, Daniel Jackson, who was recorded as a runaway servant, convict, or apprentice in Maryland in 1772, David Jackson, who was naturalized in Pennsylvania in 1777, Edwin Jackson, who arrived in New York in 1820, and Adam Jackson, who sailed from Ireland to St.

Cristina Marie (Durman) Jackson

Cris Jackson




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