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Michael Eltiste

Born - November 21, 1865

Burgsalach, Bavaria, Germany

Married - November 17, 1891

Stuttgart, Phillips County, Kansas

Naturalized - September 14, 1894

Phillips County, Kansas

Died - April 19, 1948

Orange, Orange County, California

Buried - Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery
Santa Ana, Orange County, California








Michael Eltiste was born in Burgsalach, Germany, on November 21, 1865. His father was Georg Eltiste, and his mother was Anna Beyerlein Eltiste. Their children were Michael, Fritz, Dan, Magdalena and Kunigunde. Michael Eltiste immigrated to the United States in 1880, at the age of 15. He left Germany to stay out of the draft of the Kaiser’s Army. In the United States he migrated from Connecticut to Nebraska to Kansas, where he settled on a farm in Phillipsburg, Phillips County, Kansas. Michael Eltiste married Kunigunde Beyerlein in Stuttgart, Phillips County, Kansas, on November 17, 1891. (Kunigunde Beyerlein’s father, Paulus J. Beyerlein was a first cousin to Michael Eltiste’s mother, Anna Beyerlein Eltiste.) Michael and Kunigunde Eltiste had seven children, George, August, John, Anna, Paul, Emma and Carl. In 1908 the Michael Eltiste family moved to Orange, Orange County, California, where he founded the county-wide organization of M. Eltiste & Company, selling farm implements and tractors. Both Michael & Kunigunde Eltiste died at the age of 83 years. Michael on April 19, 1948 and Kunigunde on July 19, 1955. After leaving Germany, Michael Eltiste’s sisters stayed in Phillips County, Kansas. Magdalena married Fred Eickhoff and had five children. Kunigunde married John Ehm and had eight children. The brothers, Dan and Fritz, moved to California and raised their families there. Dan married Mary Krause and had three children. Fritz married Karoline Ehmann and had six children. All of Michael and Kunigunde Eltiste’s children stayed in Southern California and raised families there. In this year of 1985, three are still living, George, 92 years, Emma, 78 years; and Carl, 74 years.

Submitted By - Evelyn Eltiste Clark

 Daughter of George & Bertha Eltiste

Granddaughter of Michael and Kunigunde Eltiste




Wife - Kunigunde (Beyerlein) Eltiste

Born - April 22, 1872



Son - George Paul Eltiste

Born - September 7, 1892


Son - August Dan Eltiste

Born - December 18,1894  ~ Kansas


 Veteran - World War ISon - Johann Fredrick Eltiste

Born - April 11, 1897


Daughter - Anna Barbara (Eltiste) Muench

Born - September 22, 1899


Son - Paul Michael Eltiste

Born - November 27, 1902

Died - November 30, 1902


Daughter - Emma (Eltiste) White

Born - July 24, 1906


Son - Carl John Eltiste

Born - February 5, 1911



Father -Johann George Eltiste

Mother - Anna Barbara (Beyerlein) Eltiste


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