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Kaiser Family



David & Kay Bailey & Boomer




Married - August 2, 1974

Saint Frances Boys Home

Ellsworth, Ellsworth County, Kansas



Son - Mitchell John Bailey

Born - February 19,1978


Son - Gabriel Kaiser Bailey

Born -May 23, 1980






My son is a soldier
I can reveal this with pride
(the fear is hidden just below the
surface, I confide)
He's a real American hero
Who believes in democracy
(yet there is an inner whisper that
wants him here with me)
I am honored to be his mother
I brag of him through the day
(but I can't help but wonder
if there isn't a better way?)
My son is a strong, brave soldier
Who says he's prepared to die
(he's not aware of the late night hours
that I just sit and cry)
I wear a ribbon and a flag
Upon my collar every day
(but alone at night, I bow my head,
for my baby boy I pray...)



Kay's Father - Johann Friedrich Leonhard Kaiser

Kay's Mother - Loretta Marie (Achatz) Kaiser



Lightning Bugs a Story By Kay Bailey


Poems for My Mother II ~ By Ann P. Kaiser


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