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Bohling Family

Friederich Heinrich Bohling

Born - Monday, September 22, 1851

Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany

Married  - Friday, August 17, 1877

Neuenkirchen, Germany

Arrived USA - Thursday, June 15, 1882

Died - Sunday, April 13, 1941

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Wednesday, April 16, 1941

Saint Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery

(Hickory Grove)

Nemaha County, Nebraska

89 Years   6 Months   22 Days








Heinrich Friederich Bohling, Sr


He was 89 years 6 months and 22 days of age at death. He was buried April 16, 1941. He married August 17, 1877 Neuenkirchen, Germany to Anna Katharina Maria Baden born March 3, 1853, Schwalingen, Amt. Soltan Hannover, Germany. and died July 23, 1930 at Auburn, Nebraska They emigrated to America in 1882. They then lived several months with an uncle Dick Bohling until establishing a home on a farm east of Auburn, Nebraska They lived there one year. In 1888, having lived on various farms modestly and in much poverty. they established a permanent home known a the Fred Bohling Farm.  3 miles north and one mile east of Hickory-Grove Lutheran Church.
According to their death certificates they both died of Chronic Myocarditis contributing cause was arterial scleroses. He was born Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany.
They had 7 children. 


Fred Bohling, Sr.

 Dies Here Sunday

  Death came to one of Johnson's oldest residents Sunday afternoon,

when Fred Bohling, Sr., passed away at the home of his son,
Fred Bohling. His age was 89 years, 6 months and 22 days, and

old age was given as the cause of his death.

Mr. Bohling was born in Hanover, Germany in 1852, and was

married to Miss Anna Baden, also of Hanover. They came to the

United States in 1882, and made their home in this vicinity since

that time. Mrs. Bohling died about 10 years ago, and two sons

died in infancy.

Survivors are his son, Fred Jr., and four daughters, Mrs. Fred

Oestmann, Mrs. Carl Bohling, Mrs. Henry Oestmann, and Mrs.

Herman Bohling.

Mr. Bohling was a member of Hickory Grove church. The funeral

was held yesterday at that church,  following a short service at

the home. The Reverend  B. C. Wiebke was in charge.

Burial was made in Hickory Grove cemetery.


The Johnson News


April 17,1941



Wife - Anna Katharina Maria (Baden) Bohling

Born - Thursday, March 3, 1853

 Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany




Heinrich Friederich Bohling


Anna Katharina Maria Baden



Heinrich Friederich, known as Friederich was born September 22, 1851,

 in Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany. He was one of five children born to

Heinrich Christoph Bohling and Friedericka Marie Gerke.


Anna Katharina Maria Baden was born March 3, 1853,

 at Schwalingen Amt. Solten Hanover, Germany.


Friederich and Anna were married August 17, 1877,

in Neuenkirchen, Germany.


 This union was blessed with seven children.

Anna Maria (Mrs. Fred H. Oestmann), came to America

with her parents at age four, and son Friederich, known as Fred,

was two years old when they immigrated to America in 1882.

One son died in infancy; another son, stillborn, both buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Church (Hickory Grove) Cemetery, Auburn, Nebraska.

Daughters Emma (Mrs. Henry G. Oestmann);

Augusta (Mrs. Carl H. Bohling);

and Mary (Mrs. Herman C. Bohling) were all born in

Nemaha County, Nebraska.

Anna and Emma married brothers, Fred H. and Henry G. Oestmann.


When Friederich, his wife and two children arrived at the home of his brother Dietrich Bohling, here in America, they had just fifty cents left in their pockets. They lived for several months in a granary on the brothers farm. They laid a temporary floor on the rafters for additional space.


After six years, living on various farms with many hardships, they bought a farm and established a permanent home three miles north and one east of Hickory Grove Church, known as the Fred Bohling farm. Many years later they purchased 80 acres one mile west and one mile north of Hickory Grove Church, where they moved and remained the rest of their married lifetime.

Son Fred then moved to the home place.


After Anna Katharina died, July 23, 1930, Friederich returned to the original home place and made his home with his son Fred and wife Elizabeth (Eltiste) Bohling, who cared for him until his death, April 13, 1941. Both Friederich and Anna were active members of Saint Paul's Lutheran Church (Hickory Grove) and are buried in the church cemetery. With the exception of the two oldest children, who were baptized in Germany, they were all baptized, confirmed and married at Saint Paul's (Hickory Grove), Auburn, Nebraska. 





 Daughter - Anna Maria (Bohling) Oestmann

Born - Friday, February1, 1878

Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany

Son - Frederich Heinrich Dietrich Bohling

Born - Tuesday, November 25, 1879

Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany


Son - Wilhelm Friedrich Bohling

Born - Sunday, April 13, 1884

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - Wednesday, April 22, 1885

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Saint Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery

(Hickory Grove)

Nemaha County, Nebraska


Son - Infant Baby

Born - April 29, 1886  ۩ Died - April 29, 1886

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Saint Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery

(Hickory Grove)

Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter - Emma (Bohling) Oestmann

Born - Saturday, April 9, 1887

Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter  - Augusta E. (Bohling) Bohling

Baptismal name -  Emma Elise Augusta Bohling

Born - Friday, November 1, 1889

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Daughter - Christine "Mary" (Bohling) Bohling

Born - Wednesday, August 31, 1892

Nemaha County, Nebraska



Brother - Dietrich Christoph Heinrich Bohling

Born - Saturday, September 8, 1849

Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany

Died - Wednesday, May 29, 1901

Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany

Wife - Sophie (Roehrs) Bohling

Brother - Dietrich Friederich Bohling

Born - Thursday, April 6, 1854

Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany

Brother - Wilhelm Hermann Bohling

Born - Saturday, August 16, 1856

Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany

Sister - Wilhelmina Katharina (Bohling) Rohrs

Born - Tuesday, July 12, 1859

Schwalingen, Hanover, Germany



Father - Heinrich Christoph Bohling

Mother - Friedericka Marie (Gerke) Bohling



Friedrich Bohling



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