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Brush Family

Major Josephus Wilson Brush

Born - Saturday, November 18,1820

Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont

Residence - Saturday, June 12, 1880

London Precinct, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Residence - Saturday, June 2, 1900

Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - Sunday, August 13, 1911 - Nebraska

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Tuesday, August 15, 1911

London Cemetery

Nemaha County, Nebraska

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Major Josephus Wilson Brush



London Cemetery - Nemaha County, Nebraska



London Cemetery




Joseph W. Brush

Age 90  - 90Years   6Months  2Days

Held Rank of Major


    Joseph W. Brush, pioneer and soldier, and is one of the unique figures of the county died at his home in this city, August 13, 1911. At the great age of ninety years, six months and two days.
    Mr. Brush was a veteran of the Mexican war, one of the California Argonauts, a soldier of the civil war, and a pioneer of Nebraska.
    The deceased was born at Fairfax, Vermont, February 11, 1820. He was married to his first wife, Adeline Sattuck, April 3, 1842. She died March 8, 1846. He was married the second time to Clarice Jane Curtis, October 12, 1854. To the first union was born Mary Ann Brush and to the second union eleven children, namely Doris E. Brush, who now lives in Texas; Anderson P. Brush, of Glenrock; Brown Lee Brush, deceased; Thomas Brush, deceased; Jay H. Brush, deceased; Thomas Brush, of California, Charles J. Brush. Auburn; Mrs. Emma Holloway. Mrs. Sarah Adcock, dead. Mrs. Anna Lorance, Omaha; Mrs. Nellie Porter, Table Rock; Clarisa Brush, dead.
    The life of Major Brush, which spanned nearly a century. was a most eventful one. In his youth he entered a woolen factory in Toronto, Canada, where he worked for some time. He was a member of a military band when the Canadian Insurrection occurred in 1837-8 and was in the engagement known as the battle of the windmills, at the outlet of Lake Champlain. In this war Canada tried to get rid of English rule.
    In 1841, with eight other young men he went to Fort Wayne, Indiana, to install a woolen factory.  At the time Ft. Wayne was an important trading post for the Pottawatomie Indians. Col. Winfield Scott was in command of the post at the time, Mr. Brush joined the command of Col. Scott in 1848 and he helped to move the Indians. 1.500 strong to their new reservation beyond the Missouri river. On the first of October of that year he with 500 other soldiers and the band of Indians arrived at Nebraska City, which was then Ft. Kearney. The first camp was on the farm owned by J. Sterling Morton and Major Brush killed a buffalo near the mouth of the creek on that farm. Afterwards camps were made at Camp Creek, Glenrock, and Pawnee City. Elk and buffalo were plentiful in the county at the time.
    He mustered out, In the spring of the following year and he returned to his home in Vermont. He told stories of the wonderfully fertile land of the west and urged people to go out and settle there. Finally his father warned him to quit as he would get the reputation of being the biggest liar on earth.
    When James K. Polk issued his call for 50,000 troops to fight Mexico. Major Brush again enlisted to the army. He was a member of the army of the West and was with it when it was assembled at Ft. Leavenworth. He was mustered in at New York City, and was a member of the 2nd Indiana infantry. He took part In the battles of Buena Vista. Vera Cruz and Cerro Gordo. He served in this war three years and fifteen days.
    In 1850, with a wagon train of fifty vehicles, he again visited Nebraska. He was with a party of gold seekers that were on their way overland to California. He tried mining Sutter's mills, where gold was first discovered and afterwards kept a hotel at Sacramento. He had as borders at his place such well-known Nebraska pioneers as Patrick Daugherty, of South Auburn, Dr. H. L. Matthews who died a few years ago; Jesse Cole. Sr., and his two sons, John and Jesse, Jr., and a man named Robinson, who afterwards kept the American house at Brownville.
    The major enlisted in the army again at the outbreak of the Civil War and was in a number of sharp engagements and battles. He came to this county in 1865, at the conclusion of the civil war and was for years one of the most highly respected citizen. He first located in London precinct. A number of years ago he came to Auburn and on every Fourth of July, and on Decoration day for years and years, until he finally became incapacitated, he played the drum while William Paris played the fife.
    Among the other things that distinguished Major Brush, was the fact that he was undoubtedly the oldest Mason in the state. He joined the organization when he was twenty-one years of age and was a member of the order for 69 years. He was initiated in the historic Vergennes lodge, at Vergennes, Vermont.
    Major Brush was a man of the strongest character. He was a true patriot, honest and upright in everything that he did. He was a member of the M. E. church. The funeral took place Tuesday morning and was very largely attended. The interment was in the family plot in London cemetery where the major lived for so many years.
The bereaved relatives and family have the sincere sympathy of the entire community


Nemaha County Republican


August 18, 1911




1stWife - Adeline (Sattuck) Brush

Married - April 3, 1842

Died - March 8, 1846


Daughter - Mary Ann Brush



2dWife - Clarissa Jane (Curtis) Brush

Born - September 14, 1832 - Canada

Married - October 12, 1852

Died - Sunday, April 21, 1912

Her Home, Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Buried - Tuesday, April 23,1912

London Cemetery

Nemaha County, Nebraska

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Another Aged Lady Called To Reward

Mrs. J. W. Brush Passed Away

Last Sunday

Was a Long Time Resident of This Community and

Hers Was a Splendid Type of Christian Character

All Children Present


Mrs. J. W. Brush, who died at her home in this city last Sunday,

had reached the age of eighty years, seven months and seven days.

For some time Mrs. Brush had been gradually failing, and while

her death was not unexpected, it brought sorrow to her many friends.


Clarissa Jane Curtis was born in Canada September 14, 1832.

She was married October 12, 1852. While yet a young man and

a young woman this couple came to Nebraska and located in

Nemaha county. The aged husband passed away about a year ago.

During a residence in this county that covered a period of many

years the deceased formed a wide acquaintance. By those who

knew her best she was regarded as a woman of the most

exemplary type. She united with the Methodist church many

years ago and had lived a consistent Christian life, keeping

the faith in all things.


Mrs. Brush was the mother of eleven children, seven of whom are

living and they are: Dores Brush, of Texas; Anderson Brush of

Glenrock; Jay Brush, whose home is in California; Charles Brush

of Peru; Emma Holloway of Auburn; Anna Lorance of Omaha

and Nellie Porter of Table Rock. She also leaves nine-grandchildren,

two great-grandchildren and one brother, H. M. Curtis. All of her

children were present to care for her and comfort her during the

last illness. In addition too her own sons and daughters there was

also a grand-daughter, Dora Adcock, whom she had raised, who

was with her at the time of her death.


The funeral was held from the family home on Tuesday afternoon

and there were a number of friends of the deceased and of the family

present when the solemn services were performed by

Reverend Pearson of the Auburn M.E. Church. After the services

the remains wee taken to London cemetery for interment beside

those of her husband.


Nemaha County Herald


April 26, 1912




London Cemetery



Son - Dores E. Brush

Born - July 4, 1855

Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont

Son - Anderson P. Brush

Born - December 8, 1857

Lee County, Iowa


Son - Brown Lee Brush

Born - 1858 - Lee County, Iowa


Son - Thomas Brush


Son - Jay H. Brush

Born - 1861 - Lee County, Iowa

1930 Census - April 11, 1930

Transient - Occupation - Cook

Sacramento, Sacramento County, California


Son -Charles J. Brush

Born - Saturday, February 22,1862

Lee County, Iowa


Daughter - Emma Adline (Brush) Holloway

Born - April 1864 - Nebraska

Daughter - Sarah M. (Brush) Adcock

Born - November 7, 1867


Daughter - Anna Laura (Brush) Lorance -Cafferty

Born - 1868 - Nebraska

Married - August 20, 1890- Nebraska

 Husband - Edward Lorance

Born - 1869 - Nebraska


Daughter - Nellie Ellen (Brush) Porter

Born - April 7, 1871

London Precinct, Nemaha County, Nebraska


Daughter - Clarisa J. Brush

Born - Tuesday, February 11, 1873

Died - Monday, January 22, 1877

Buried - London Cemetery

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Section-1  Plot-94

London Cemetery



Sister - Maria Adeline (Brush) Smith

Born - January 9, 1810

Died - October 5,  1881

Husband - John Gale Smith

Born -  March 23, 1807


Brother - Happy Brush

Born - August 22, 1815

Sister - Harriet S. Brush

Born - February 5, 1817

Died - March 13, 1833

Buried - Fairfax Plains Cemetery

Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont


Brother - Dr. Alonz Green Brush

Born - March 15, 1819 - Vermont

Died -March 26, 1906

Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont

Buried - Fairfax Plains Cemetery

Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont

1stWife - Sophia M. (Soule) Brush

Born -1819  ۩ Died -1857

Buried - Fairfax Plains Cemetery - Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont
2ndWife - Zernah L. (Bradley) Brush
Born -1830  ۩ Died -1873

Buried - Fairfax Plains Cemetery - Fairfax, Franklin County,

 Brother - Joshua N. Brush

Born - Monday,  June 9, 1823

Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont


Sister - Phidela Brush

Born - May 22, 1825


Sister - Elvira (Brush) Bell 

Born - January 12, 1828

Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont

Died - January 24, 1924

Chittenden, Rutland County, Vermont

Buried - Fairfax Plains Cemetery
Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont

Husband - Benjamin J. Bell 

Born -1817  ۩ Died -1899

Buried - Fairfax Plains Cemetery
Fairfax, Franklin County, Vermont


Sister - Sarah Brush

Born - June 24, 1831


Father - Captain Joshua Brush

Born -October 11, 1785

Mother - Sarah Maretta (Eldredge) Brush

Born -May 16, 1789



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