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Torbeck Family

Theta Marie (Torbeck) Marquart

Born - March 19, 1878

Near Johnson, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Baptized - May 6, 1878

Married - February 15, 1900

Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - Sunday, August 20, 1950

Byron, Thayer County, Nebraska

Buried - Wednesday, August 23, 1950

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Byron, Thayer County, Nebraska





Mrs. Theta Marie Marquart, nee Torbeck, daughter of Reiner Torbeck and his wife, Christina, nee Dirks, was born March 19, 1878, near Johnson, Nebraska. She was baptized on May 6, 1878, by Pastor F. Schumacher.
On February 15, 1900, she was united in marriage to Mr. Ernest Marquart and they made their home on a farm southwest of Johnson, Nebraska. It was here that she was instructed in the Christian faith and was confirmed by Reverend C. Deubler.
In 1902, Mr. and Mrs. Marquart moved to a farm northwest of Byron, where she lived until her death on Sunday forenoon, August 20, at the age of 72 years, 5 months, and 1 day. Her husband preceded her in death about 3 weeks ago. Mrs. Marquart had been ill for over a year and the past few weeks she began to fail rapidly until she was called from this vale of tears and pain.
She and her husband had the rare privilege to observe their golden wedding anniversary on February 15. Their children, relatives and friends came to honor this aged couple. For many years they were members of Zion Lutheran Church north of Byron.
She leaves to mourn her death, seven children, Mrs. Christina Ritterling, Diedrich and Reiner, all near Deshler, Elmer near Ruskin, William, Rudolf and Ernest Jr., all near Byron; a foster-son, Harold Torbeck; 17 grandchildren; three brothers, Fred and Herman Torbeck of Johnson, and Diedrich Torbeck of Lincoln, (one brother, John, passed away some time ago); five sisters, Mrs. Hilka Malpart of Johnson, Mrs. Christina Schleufer of Nora, Mrs. Dora Harms of Deshler, and Mrs. Anna Kienker of Johnson; and a good number of other relatives and friends.

Funeral services were conducted on last Wednesday afternoon at St. Peter's Lutheran Church near Byron and she was laid to rest in Zion Lutheran cemetery beside her husband. Pastor A. A. Krause officiated.

Deshler Rustler
Front Page
Wednesday ~ August 30, 1950




Husband - Ernst Diedrich Wilhelm Marquart
Born - Monday, February 19, 1872

Near Wietjen Province, Hanover, Germany

Died - Monday,  July 31, 1950

Saint Joseph Hospital, Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas

Buried - Thursday, August 3, 1950

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Byron, Thayer County, Nebraska

Father - Henry Marquart

Mother - Margaretta (Kruemplelmann) Marquart





Ernest Diedrich Wilhelm Marquart Sr., son of Henry Marquart and his wife, Margaretta, nee Kruemplelmann, was born February 19, 1872, near Wietjen Province Hanover, Germany. He was baptized by Pastor Ch. Halle in the home Lutheran Church on March 10. In his youth he attended the parish school and was instructed in the Christian faith and was confirmed in his home church.
In 1886 his parents moved from Germany to settle in a new country, Nemaha County, Johnson, Nebraska. In the year 1900, February 15, he was united in holy wedlock to Miss Theta Torbeck by Pastor Dierks, and moved on a farm northwest of Byron.
On February 15 of this year, Mr. and Mrs. Marquart were pleasantly surprised by their children, relatives friends and neighbors in honor of their golden wedding anniversary. Pastor Krause spoke on this happy occasion.
For many years he was a member of Zion Lutheran Church north of Byron.
During the past year his health began to fail and about 10 days before his death he was taken to the St. Joseph Hospital at Concordia, Kansas, where he passed away early on Monday morning, July 31. He reached the age of 78 years, 5 months and 12 days.
He is survived by his aged wife, who resides on the home farm, one daughter, Mrs. Christine Ritterling; six sons, Diedrich and Reiner, near Deshler, Elmer near Ruskin, William, Rudolph and Ernest Jr., near Byron.
Mr. and Mrs. Marquart are also foster parents to Harold Torbeck from his early childhood. And he leaves one sister; Marie Kniep, Indianapolis, Indiana; three brothers, Bernhard of Byron, Herman of Hebron, and John of Cose Bay, Oregon; 17 grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends.
Funeral services were held at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, and Pastor A. A. Krause spoke on the words as recorded in John 17, 24. The choir sang one number. Interment was made at Zion Lutheran cemetery on Thursday afternoon.

Deshler Rustler
Front Page
Wednesday ~ August 23, 1950




Daughter -Christina (Marquart) Gebers Ritterling

Born -  January 11, 1901

1stHusband - Henry Gebers

Born - January 17, 1898  ۩ Died - January 26, 1927

Son - Clarence Gebers -1926

2ndHusband - William Ritterling

Married - January 30, 1934


Son - Diedrich R. Marquart

"Dick Marquart"

Born - November 5,1903

Wife - Helen M. Marquart

Born - February 21, 1906   ۩ Nemaha County, Nebraska

Died - May 22, 2004   ۩  Deshler, Thayer County, Nebraska

Buried - Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery

Deshler, Thayer County, Nebraska


Son - Reiner Marquart

Born - June 16 1905

Died -  August 1985

Deshler, Thayer County, Nebraska

Wife - Olga K. Marquart 1908

Born - November 21,  1907  ۩  Died - June 16, 1991


Son - Elmer Marquart

Born - March 2, 1907

Died - May 1968


Son - William Marquart

Born - September 23, 1909

Died - March 1976

Byron, Thayer County, Nebraska


Son - Rudolf E. Marquart

Born - October 4, 1912

Thayer County, Nebraska

Married - September 12, 1940

Died - September 8, 1993

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Wife - Esther R. (Abelbeck) Marquart

Born -  June 9, 1917  ۩ Thayer County, Nebraska

Died - October 5,  2006  ۩ Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska


Son - Ernest Marquart Jr.

Born - April 12, 1916

Died - October 25, 1989

Byron, Thayer County, Nebraska


Foster-Son - Harold H. Torbeck

Born - July 9, 1926

Died - January 1987

Loveland, Larimer County, Colorado

Mother - Christina Gebers



Sister - Hilka Johanna (Torbeck) Malpert

Born - March 3, 1880


Sister -Christena (Torbeck) Schleufer

Born - January 16, 1882


Brother - John W. Torbeck

Born - March 28, 1884

Brother - Fred W. Torbeck

Born - March 14, 1886


Sister - Augusta (Torbeck) Schleufer

Born - December 6, 1887


Brother - Herman Torbeck

Born - November 25, 1889


Sister - Emma (Torbeck) Oestmann

Born - April 11, 1892


Brother - Dietrich "Dick" Torbeck

Born - January 21, 1895


Sister - Dora (Torbeck) Harms

Born - December 17,1896

Sister - Anna (Torbeck) Kienker

Born - September 14, 1900



Father - Reiner Hillerichs Torbeck

Mother - Christena (Dirks) Torbeck



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