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Wingert Family

Albert Eugene Wingert

"Bert Wingert"

Born - Saturday, September 6,1884

Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio

Residence - Monday, June 18, 1900

Grant Precinct, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Married - Thursday, January 5, 1905

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Residence - Friday, April 22, 1910

Nemaha Precinct, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Died - Tuesday, October 8, 1918

His Home, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Buried - Wyuka Cemetery,

 Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Section-3A   Space-131


Buried - Wyuka Cemetery - Lincoln, Nebraska



Bert Wingert







Motorman Takes Life While In Delirious State


Had Been Afflicted With Spanish Influenza

For Several Days and Had Suicidal Tendencies


Delirious from influenza from which he had been suffering since

October 1, Bert M. Wingert, thirty-four years of age, whose

home was at 1816 K Street, cut his throat with a small pocket knife at

10 o'clock Tuesday instantly dieing within a few minuets. Sheriff Simmons

was notified and made investigation, after which he stated that no

inquest would be held. The body was taken to the undertaking

establishment of Castle, Roper & Matthews.

It was stated at the home that the unfortunate man had been delirious

for some time and it was suspected that he would attempt suicide. He

had been trying to get hold of a knife for three or four days and attempts

had been made to keep everything of the kind out of his reach. The

small weapon with which the deed was done belonged to the

deceased and had been hidden, but he found it during the absence of

other members of the family.

Some time before the man took his life he became unusually violent and

Mrs. Wingert went for next door neighbor, Baker Storm, who went to

the home and succeeded in getting Mr. Wingert quieted down. Shortly

after he left a great commotion was heard in the room and the wife

rushing in found her husband bleeding terribly from a gash which he had

cut in his neck. The unfortunate man rushed into the back yard, where

he was found by Mr. Storm and assisted back into the house, where he

was placed on his bed. He lived but a very short time. It was not

known whether the jugular vein had been severed, but this is

supposed to have been the case. There was but one wound.

Mr. Wingert and family had lived in Lincoln for about six months,

coming here from a farm three and one-half miles south of Bennett. He

was employed by the Lincoln Traction company as motorman, and

conductor and his seven children, ranging in age from eighteen

months to thirteen years. His mother, Mrs. D. A. Mills, lives at

Sumner, and a sister, Mrs. N. A. Houston, resides between

Sterling and Douglas. Deceased and his family have lived in Lancaster

county for several years.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been made.


Evening State Journal

Lincoln Daily News


October 8, 1918









Traction Employee Temporarily

Crazed While Suffering from Spanish Influenza



Burt Wingert committed suicide at him home at 1816 K Street at

10:30 o'clock Tuesday morning when he slashed one side of his

throat open with a pocket knife. He died soon after, from

excessive lose of blood.

Wingert had been suffering for several days from a severe attack of

Spanish Influenza, and was being treated by Dr. E. D. Cummins,

physician of the Lincoln Traction company, for whom he worked as

a motorman. It is supposed that he become insane Tuesday morning.

He frightened his wife and children out of the house, and announced

that he was going to end his life. A neighbor attempted to dissuade

him, but he succeeded in his attempt. When police reached the house,

where they had been called by neighbors, he was lying on the bed

nearly dead. He died before doctors reached him.

Wingert's father lives in Bennett, Nebraska, and Wingert has lived

there off and on during the past six or seven years. He leaves a wife

and seven children. The body is not at Castle, Roper & Matthews

undertaking parlor. No inquest will be held.



Lincoln Daily Star

Lincoln, Nebraska


October 8, 1918




Carrie Belle Wimgert


Wife - Carrie Belle (Kline) Wingert Wright

Born - June 10, 1887

Lancaster County, Nebraska

Died - October 30, 1969

Milford, Seward County, Nebraska

Buried - Wyuka Cemetery,

 Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Section-24    West Lot-139   Space-4




Daughter - Hazel Maye Wingert

Born - June 15,1905 - Nebraska

Daughter - Bertha Bell (Wingert) Freeze Garn

Born - February 26, 1907- Nebraska

Daughter - Edna Alice (Wingert) Meriwether

Born - August 18, 1908 - Nebraska


Son - Howard Wingert

Born - 1909 - Nebraska


Veteran World War IISon - Harlan Edward Wingert

"Harley Wingert"

Born - October 29, 1910 - Nebraska

Daughter - Vera Marie Wingert

Born - June 18, 1913 - Nebraska


Son - Ivan Richard Wingert

Born - February 6, 1915 - Nebraska


Daughter - Fern Eileen (Wingert) Lindsey

Born - March 22, 1917- Nebraska

Husband - W. J. Lindsey

"Woody Lindsey"


Daughter - Iona Adella (Wingert) Blagdon Bryant

Born - February 22, 1919

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska



Sister - Oda Mae (Wingert) Cross

Born - April 23, 1877

Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio


Brother - Irven Sammy Seth Wingert

Born - September 11,1882

Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio

Brother - Arthur Leonard Wingert

Born - December 11, 1887

Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio

Brother - Ercie Wingert

Born - June 2, 1890

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska


Sister - Effie Belle (Wingert) Houston

Born - April 12, 1892

Cairo,  Hall County, Nebraska


Sister - Cynthia Verlonia (Wingert) Wempen

Born - March 16,1897 - Nebraska


Father - Godfrey Leonard Wingert

Mother - Verlonia Augusta (Hilliker) Wingert




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