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 Remember Our Veterans on Memorial Day 

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Remember Our Veterans on Memorial Day

Veterans Of World War I


Veteran World War IILeonard Nichaus Fink

Nick Fink


Veteran World War ILeonard John Frederich Charles Mueller

Leo Miller


August Kaiser


Never Forget The Vetrans Who Have Served Our CountryVernon Kirlin Rohrs

Vernon Rohrs


Veterans Of World War II


Veteran World War IIArthur Johann Ehm

Awared The Distinguish Flying Cross Arthur Ehm Awared the Purple Heart


Veteran World War IIAlfred E. Eltiste

Alfred Eltiste


Veteran World War IIClarence George Eltiste

Clarence Eltiste


Remember The Veterans That Gave Their Lives  Herman Alton Paul Eltiste

Awared the Bronze StarHerman Eltiste Awared the Purple Heart


Veteran World War II  Kiel Eugene Eltiste

Kiel Eltiste


Veteran World War II Warren Kenton Eltiste

Kenton Eltiste


Veteran World War IIGlenn Edward Fink

Glenn Fink


Veteran World IIEllsworth Heinrich Kaiser

Ellsworth Kaiser


Veteran World War IIHarold John Kaiser

Harold Kaiser


Veteran World War IIHeinrich Hermann Georg Kaiser

Henry "Junior" Kaiser


Veteran World War IIPaul August Kaiser

Gus Kaiser


Veteran World War IIDonald Earl Miner

Don Miner


Naval Veteran World War IIFredrick Harry Rohrs

Fred Rohrs


Veteran World War IIKenneth Vernon  Rohrs

Awared the Purple HeartKenneth Rohrs


Veteran World War IIMarshal Laurence Taft

Marshal Taft


Veteran Of  The Korean War


Veteran Korean War  Herman Edward Kaiser

Awared the Bronze StarEddie Kaiser


Veteran Of  The Iraq War


Gabriel Kaiser Bailey

Gabriel Bailey





Remember Our Veterans







I have been working on this project for Over Three Years.

 I still have many more Names and Information to Enter.

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